2020 Fall Hair Trend

2020 Fall Hair Trend  

Fall Season comes along with a new hair trend despite the sudden halt of everything during past spring and summer due to the coronavirus shutdown. When a new season comes, women desire first to change hairstyle. Facing this coming fall season, we discuss the styles that are anticipated to hit according to hair designers and influencers as well as products that you can recommend for the styles.

1. Barely Noticeable Wave
Kahh Spence, a celeb hairstylist based in California, anticipates the popularity of barely noticeable natural-looking wave in this fall. In general, the easiest way is to wear a beach wave style wig, but for a more natural look, you can make a U-part custom wig and apply wave with a flat iron at a low-temperature setting to complete the style. This style can be efficiently finished with a texture-boosting hairspray.



Editor’s Pick
Outre’s “Synthetic I-Part Swiss HD Lace Front Wig – Ginny”
A lace front wig with a natural-looking wave in a long blunt Bob style.




2. Newtro Sensation – ’90s Vibes
Hairstyles loved by ’90’s stars are making its appearance, often referred to as a Newtro trend. A hairstyle with side-hanging front hairs at a long length and tying the rest of the hair up or sideways is popular among everyone from celebs to influencers across all ethnicities. It might be hard to hang front hairs on the sides at length for textured hair of African Americans. Nonetheless, it can be managed with free-parting lace front wigs or 360-degree lace wigs. Another trend is to braid front hairs separately.



Editor’s Pick
BOBBI BOSS’s “Synthetic Glueless 13×4 360 Lace Wig – TEAGAN”
In addition to free-parting, this 360-degree glueless wig accommodates a wide range of styles.




3. Blond Streak – Front Hair Only Bleaching
AKA Money Piece, this style has been popular since last year and scored more fans during the pandemic lockdown. It is an easy-to-do hairstyle which is perfect to show off your personality. In response to the popularity since last year, many companies are racing to launch wigs with bleached front hair. Bleached hair can be thereafter colored in blonde, lavender, neon, and so on to reflect your personality.




Editor’s Pick  
Sensationnel’s “Dashly™ Lace front wig Unit 8 – Money piece blond”
Made with a soft lace, this stylish product features convenience of bleached front hair embracing a new hair trend.




4. Knotless Box Braid in Two-tone
Braid has been popular in the summer, but it is trending in all seasons nowadays. Especially, knotless braid has been popular for being less stressful to scalp and reducing hair loss or damages to hair follicles. This year, we expect the popularity of two-tone and ombre colors.




Editor’s Pick
Golden State’s “Pre-Stretched Sports”
Pre-stretched braid product with the colors representing colleges and professional athletic teams.




5. Faux loc & Goddess loc
Faux loc and Goddess loc largely differ in how they are finished at the tip. Faux loc has a sealed tip while Goddess loc is not sealed but waved at the end. Considering the hesitation to visit the salons due to the coronavirus, this styles offer the convenience of long-lasting style in addition to comfort. However, long-lasting style calls for appropriate scalp care.



Editor’s Pick  
Hairobics’s “Unlimited LLC – AllDay Braid”
This line of products provides lasting-hairstyle and scalp-care for braid and loc styles.



6. Bold Bob with a Deep Parting
To change a hairstyle without a haircut, the most effective and simplest way might be changing parts of your hair. The trendiest parting is a side part leaving about 30% of front hairline on the side. You will need deep part closures or lace front wigs to accommodate this deep side part.




Editor’s Pick
Outre’s “Synthetic I-Part Swiss Lace Front Wig – LENI”
Bold Bob style wig featuring an invisible Swiss lace and natural-looking baby hair.




7. Side Swoop Bangs from ’90s
Swoop Bang style reminds you of those known as sesame leave bang styles in Korea. This style was highly popular among celebrities in ’90s. You can sweep bangs in many ways. The image shows a half-tied look, but you can make it with a short cut or a bun style.




Editor’s Pick
Model Model’s “Synthetic Hair Ponytail & Swoop Side Bang Yaky Straight 2Pcs”
A set of ponytail and bang (2 pcs) for an easy styling of swoop bangs.




8. Slicker and Longer Ponytails
This year’s ponytail trends consist of bubble ponytail, slick ponytail, and braid ponytail. It is popular regardless of the height of a drawstring placement, but this year’s popular styles tend to be lengthier than last year’s. Bubble Ponytail literally resembles a bubble in its glamorous look. Slick Ponytail leaves no baby hairs on the front hairline while braiding the tail part or extending a draw stringed ponytail. Braid Ponytail is usually tied at a high position.



Editor’s Pick
Shake-N-Go’s “Organique Pony Pro Ponytail”
An affordable and easy-to-use Organique Ponytail Series is highly popular for offering various patterns and lengths.





9. Pixie Cut
Pixie cut is a short natural hair cut. You can add scratches or coloring at the bottom part to express personality. You can cover your natural hair with a silk or sateen scarf overnight and use a tooth comb to make a desired style in the morning. Pixie cut is likely to be popular in cool tone colors this upcoming fall.




Editor’s Pick
Firstline’s “Evolve® Satin Edge Wrap Scarf”
Made of a durable sateen fabric, this scarf can protect hair from damages and keep the moisture balance.





10. Thick Linen Stone Hair Band
You cannot talk about hair trend without mentioning hair accessories. Compared to linen stone hair pins with logos and pearl pins that were popular last year, this fall trend is expected to embrace bling-bling thick hair bands. They have received a great interest in last year’s Alibaba Online Trade Show as well.




Editor’s Pick
JewelryBund’s Rhinestone Padded Headbands
A hair band with overall crystal-decoration in a thicker construction.



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