2019 Bronner Bros. International Beauty…

2019 Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show Sketch

The 2019 Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show was held at the World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia for three days from August 17-19. The BB show is the largest beauty trade show in the United States where it is possible to see the fast growing and changing trends. This year’s Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show had more than 170 classes on natural hair care, trendy hair styles, extension weaving, cutting, coloring, skin care, makeup tips and a creative competition to top it all off. Additionally, there were more than 300 exhibitors that sparked the atmosphere of the venue creating a real ‘hotlanta’.

The BB show attracted more attention from participants this year because of big hair companies such as Rebecca, a hair factory outlet, and other hair companies in China and India that has increased in popularity over the previous year.

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