Y2K Fashion goes below the horizon as the Old Money look rises

Y2K Fashion goes below the horizon

as the Old Money look rises

While Y2K fashion, short for the Year 2000, has been all the rage, fashion experts now predict that the “Old Money look,” which is also referred to as upper-class fashion, will dominate for years to come. The trend’s somewhat conservative and classic in nature, with a lot of neutral colors, tailored fits, and quality fabrics. The old money look is also an expression of classic refinement. As fashions change, so do makeup and hairstyles, so it’s helpful to stay on top of fashion trends.



1.  The ‘old money look’ as a fashion keyword

On TikTok, which is heavily used by young people, the search term “old moeny” generated 940 million views. Making the old money look even more intriguing is Feli, an AI (virtual) model. Despite not being a real person, she has 320,000 followers on Instagram, and her image of a horseback riding with long blond hair is an iconic representation of the old money look. The dictionary meaning of ‘old money’ is inherited wealth, especially of the upper class, and the essence of the look is to elegantly convey a sense of class and formality without overtly displaying such ‘wealth’. This year’s holiday parties will likely feature clean, well-groomed hair and classic dresses rather than overly fancy dresses.



2. Head-to-toe ‘understated elegance’

Old money style is all about restraint and elegance, to look as if you’ve always taken care of yourself. Therefore, your hairstyle should be neat and tidy, and your hair should be healthy, shiny, and well-groomed. Your nails should be neatly manicured, and you should avoid heavy makeup and instead use makeup that complements your natural skin tone. The old money look is often translated into the fashion term “quiet luxury,” which means that it’s not about flashy, complicated fashion designs with logo play, but about monochromatic, clean, comfortable, and quality over quantity fashion.


YouTube video @ Cassié Gold
Black women Old Money Fashion
Videos showing black women’s old money look


3. Old money look in hairstyles

The old money look requires that your hairstyle be classic, elegant, and sophisticated. You can style your hair with a simple headband for a clean and feminine look or a ponytail for a classic and elegant look, and you can use a ribbon made of luxurious fabric to secure your hair for a feminine look. One of the best styles to go with the old money look is the buns, which can be done in a low bun with neatly coiffed hair for a classic look. Pin it up and let it flow naturally or wear your hair long and straight for the old money look.


YouTube video @Glory Okings
Classic hairstyles that work well with the old money look


4.  Makeup with a skincare focus

The main difference between the old money look and the other makeup trends is the use of neutral colors and a light touch. The idea is to avoid using bold colors that are often used to express personality to create an elegant,understated look. To this end, you need to prioritize skincare and choose high-quality foundation and concealer products that are perfectly matched to your skin tone for a flawless, radiant complexion. Soften your eyes with light, neutral-colored eyeshadow and be sure to use mascara for fuller lashes. Use subtle blush and highlighter for a youthful, bright look, and a neutral or soft pink lip color that blends in with your skin tone for a classic look.


YouTube video @Layefa Ebitonmo
This tutorial explains how to apply classic makeup for an old money look using neutral colors.



5. Old money look for men

The emphasis is on buying timeless, quality pieces, not fashions that you’ll wear for a year and then throw away, to create a luxurious, classic look. For men, neutral colors such as white, gray-cream, and others are a priority when it comes to the colors, and navy can be used as a contrasting color to create a classy look. Form-fitting tailoring is another key, and luxurious knitwear can add a soft touch. If you were to ask men to name a styling piece that epitomizes the old money look, it would be white pants. White pants go well with anything and can give you a classy look. Experts advise men to never compromise on fit and fabric, even if it means giving up everything else. It’s also important to shave clean and maintain a healthy, clear skin texture. Keep it classic with a well-tailored suit, crisp dress shirt, and polished leather shoes.


YouTube video @Ralph Lauren
RALPH LAUREN | Polo Ralph Lauren | Polo Originals
Ralph Lauren is a leading brand for the old money look.



6. Retail stores need to reflect consumer desire

Sales in the fashion industry are directly related to trends. It is not to say just because the old money look is trending, every consumer would buy and wear expensive clothes. However, it’s clear that many consumers will be more inclined to pay a little more for quality clothing rather than chasing fast fashion. In terms of makeup, we’ll see more skin care and hair care products instead of color makeup, and consumers will be more inclined to buy neutral-toned items rather than heavily pigmented products including hair extensions. When it comes to accessories, classic styles will be more popular than flashy ones. Retailers need to be prepared to stay ahead of the trend by quickly stocking products that meet consumer needs.


YouTube video @Nicole Fiona Davies
3 Ways to Dress ‘Old Money’ On A Budget (Learn the Basics)
This video explains how to style an old money look on a budget.



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