Trendsetters to watch out for in 2024: Hip-hop Artists Revolutionize Fashion

Trendsetters to watch out for in 2024:

Hip-hop Artists Revolutionize Fashion

Last year, hip-hop artists with colorful personalities took the fashion world by storm. They’re bringing race, gender identity, culture, and social issues to the forefront through music and fashion, and they’re heavily influencing the hair, beauty, and fashion industry. In this issue, we introduce four of the hottest female artists to watch out for this year.


Doja Cat

Defying the norm, Doja Cat is one of those artists whose fashion is as notable as their music. She is always experimenting with unpredictable outfits to express her own personal fashion philosophy. At the MET GALA, she wowed the red-carpet crowd with a cat costume, an attempt to glue 30,000 Swarovski’s gems all over her body, and a revealing spider web dress.

Doja Cat has dared to combine Gothic Glam, Futurism, Kawaii, and Y2K styles, and launched her own clothing brand, It’s Giving, further inspiring the fashion world and her fans. The product line includes colorful cropped t-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, underwear, and trucker hats.





JT is one of two City Girls, the female hip-hop duo JT and Young Miami. Her fashions are glamorous yet easily adaptable to everyday looks, making her a fashion influencer among Millennials and Gen-Zs. As a trendsetter in fashion, music, and beauty, she is also the face of some of the hottest brands.

Since the beginning of this year, she has been an ambassador for beauty brand KISS Colors & Care, where she has her own collections in braid, loc, twist, edge fixer wax, and reversible bonnet. This makes JT a successful model in the beauty industry as well.

She was also chosen to be featured in London fashion brand Poster Girl’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection, putting her own spin on the bold designs that bring corrective underwear look to everyday outfit.




Lakeyah stepped into the world of rap music at the age of 15, and now, at 22, the young artist is already boasting a stellar portfolio. She moved to Atlanta at the age of 18 and has been making waves well beyond the music field.

Since last year, she was named an ambassador for Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty lingerie line, proving her skills as a model, and this year she appeared on the second season of BET’s reality series “The Impact Atlanta”. It shows the life of an artist on the thriving art and fashion scene in Atlanta. In Atlanta, the center for black culture and fashion trends, the show will provide a glimpse into the various fashion and cultural trends through artists like Lakeyah. The show also features other fashion and beauty influencers, including celebrity wig stylist Arrogant Tae.




Latto is an American rapper who made waves after featuring on the single “SEVEN” by BTS member Jungkook. It’s clear why Jungkook collaborated with her. With multi-Platinum records on her belt, she has established herself as one of the most influential female rappers, especially among the younger generation, not only in music but in many other areas.

Latto originally debuted with a stage name “Mulatto”, an outdated term for biracial people. It mostly refers to the first-generation children with black and white parents, and is now widely considered as having negative connotations. She has been trying to change the negativity into something positive through her own efforts. She now goes by “Latto” and is proud of her biracial upbringing and unique identity. Known primarily for her sexy outfits and makeup style, she was named one of the five most popular female rappers of the year in the BET Awards.





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