Trending retail store interiors

Trending retail store interiors

Online stores may be all the rage, but there’s no substitute for the joy of shopping in person. The latest retail store interiors make the most of the unique advantages of brick-and-mortar stores. How about a simple, low-budget project to attract more customers to your store?


30″x118″ Wide Size Turquoise Blue Peel and Stick Wallpaper You can give one wall of your store a distinctive look with this peel and stick wallpaper. Photo source: Amazon


1. Eye-catching accent walls

If you don’t want to paint your entire store, you can paint one wall in a bold color that will make a statement. A boldly colored wall creates the illusion of distance, which not only gives your entire store a distinctive and unique look, but also draws the eye to one area, making the entire space seem larger. If you don’t want to paint at all, you can use patterned fabric or wallpaper to add interest. Specifically for beauty supply stores, you can use different colors of paint for each section to differentiate between product categories.


2. Create an optical illusion with mirrors

Mirrors on the walls of your store are not only visually interesting, but they can also reflect light and the surrounding objects, making your store feel much larger. They also serve a practical purpose, especially for clothing or other fashion items, as customers can try on items and see themselves in the mirror. Rather than a floor-mounted mirror, try to attach it to a wall to maximize space. If you’re a beauty supply store, this can be a great way to boost sales by allowing customers to try on wigs, accessories, and other products on the spot where they find them.


A full-wall mirror can make your store look much larger. Photo source: Pinterest


3. Utilize your ceiling!

Rather than just utilizing the sides of the store, it’s also practical to utilize the space on the ceiling. If you add a design element that is visually interesting and fun, it can be a great way to create a decorative effect. In the case of beauty supplies, rather than displaying the products you sell on the ceiling, you can hang unique lighting or decorative items that create a mood and draw the eye of customers.

Modern lighting on the ceiling creates a distinctive atmosphere throughout the store. Photo source: Pinterest


4. Comfortable and luxurious sofas

A nice sofa in the center of the store can be a great way to create a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere. A sofa or chair that looks like something you’d find in a high-end spa or salon can, when placed in the right places, encourage people to take a break and relax while they shop, which in turn can help drive sales. The sofas themselves are also a great decorative element, and they can add a touch of luxury to your entire store.

These chairs add a touch of luxury to your store, and you can purchase them for between $100 and $200. Photo source: Pink Velvet Accent Chair on Amazon


5. Neon lights and chandeliers for a youthful atmosphere

In addition to hanging lights from the ceiling, you can create a funky, youthful atmosphere with eye-catching neon lighting. Neon wall signs, strings of lights, etc. can give your store a youthful feel. In the fashion section, you can add inexpensive chandeliers for a glamorous, vintage look. These neon lights will attract customers’ attention and make shopping more fun.

Photo source: Jenny Beauty Supply Instagram Neon signs with different designs can give your store a youthful and upbeat look.


6. Transform your store with colorful hangers

Hangers and racks, which are often used in beauty supply stores, are very versatile because they can be used in small spaces. By picking an interesting design, you can add a fun design element to your store. Try different styles of hangers and racks to make your space look interesting while organizing items.

A round-shaped rack adds visual interest to a store. Photo source: Amazon


7. Light up the back, not the front

Backlighting is the trend these days, which means lighting the back of merchandise. Consider installing backlighting on shelves, tables under the checkout counter, or anywhere else where traditional lighting fixtures do not reach. You can have them professionally installed, or you can easily purchase LED light strips on Amazon and install them yourself.

Backlighting makes it easier to see the details of your products and adds a fun design element to any space. Photo source: Closet solution



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