This year’s makeup trends, you need to know ‘this’ to stay in the loop

This year’s makeup trends, you need to know ‘this’ to stay in the loop

The “Barbie-core” and “quiet luxury” trends that have been buzzing around for the past year have inspired us to create luxurious and girly makeup looks. Experts predict that this year’s makeup will be like last year’s, with a focus on natural, healthy skin and the use of highlights to create a glow instead of heavy shading on the face. Let’s look at the top trending keywords that will heat up the makeup market this year.



    1. Makeup that emphasizes the tip of the nose and cheekbones

While the traditional makeup technique is to accentuate the eyes and lips with pearlescent shades, this year we’re seeing a big trend toward subtle pearlescent makeup that brings a glow to the entire face. A healthy skin tone is key to achieving sheer and glowing makeup, which is why mainstream cosmetics companies are launching more and more nutrient-rich foundations. You can highlight your cheekbones, nose, and collarbones with a cool-toned highlighter to create a mysterious, feminine look.

Base makeup routine of ur dreams / Credit: Youtube@Sagonia Lazarof

Highlighting the tip of the nose, the sides of the nose, and the cheekbones creates dimension.



    2. The ‘no-makeup’ makeup that confidently reveal your blemishes

Gone are the days of applying thick layers of concealer and foundation to cover up blemishes and freckles on your face. This year, translucent makeup is all the rage, allowing you to confidently display your blemishes and express confidence in your own skin. The goal is to make your skin look as dewy and makeup-free as possible. After prepping your skin with a moisturizing product, apply a tinted moisturizer that provides a bit of coverage while minimizing the use of concealer. Finish with a light blush and a lip gloss.

NO FOUNDATION Makeup Tutorial | Easy Everyday / Credit: Youtube @Ale Jay

Here’s a translucent makeup look without a thick foundation.


    3. The voluminous jelly lip is all the rage

Jelly evokes a transparent, dewy, and moisturizing feel. Jelly lips are hard to achieve with lip gloss alone and are more of an “ombré lip” makeup. Starting from the inside of the lower lip, use a matte lip color to dab on the center of the lip, then press the color onto the upper lip by closing your lips and apply a clear lip gloss over the entire lip. Some people call them douyin lips (named after a Chinese social media app) instead of jelly lips.

2D Lips to 3D Lips?! How to Make Lips Look POUTIER? Easy Step by Step Douyin Lip Contouring Tutorial

/ Youtube@ dear peachie

This tutorial introduces a makeup technique for creating a three-dimensional look for your lip.


    4. Peach Fuzz, the Pantone Color of the Year

When we talk about fashion and makeup, we can’t go without Pantone colors. This year’s Pantone color is Peach Fuzz. The subtle peachy color, when applied to the eyeshadow, lips, and cheeks, makes for a romantic look that’s perfect for everyday makeup. A feminine, peach-colored blush adds a vibrant feel, and a peach eyeshadow with pearls creates a mysterious look. The idea is to create a sheer lip that looks effortless with a peachy lip gloss or tint.

Peach Fuzz, the Pantone color of the year. Peach-colored products are expected to be continuously popular in the makeup market this year. Photo Source: @pantone via X (formerly Twitter)


🍑 The Color of the Year 2024: Peach Fuzz! 🍑 / Credit: Youtube @ MM Design

A video explaining how this year’s Pantone color, Peach Fuzz, is making its way onto the catwalks



    5. Coquette makeup with a girlish twist

The 17th-century French word coquette is getting a new meaning of “bewitching,” and it’s easy to see why: it’s all about pink femininity from bows to headbands, lace trim, and fresh flowers. When this aesthetic was incorporated into makeup, it evolved into a romantic rosy color. Accentuate with a pink blush and apply a glossy lipstick in a pink or natural tone. Keep your face makeup light to emphasize your natural femininity.

Coquette Aesthetic Makeup Tutorial #girlyvlogs / Youtube @ Kerry Ingram

A girly makeup tutorial with an emphasis on blush.


    6. The one and only, red accent lipstick

While this year’s trends are all about natural looks, if there’s one area you want to go strong, it’s lips. The trend is toward crisp, bright, classic reds rather than burgundy, deep reds. A feminine, confident look with a vintage, retro appeal, red lip makeup is perfect for casual or fancy occasions. The key to red lip makeup is to keep it simple and highlight the color on the lips by keeping the other color makeup to a minimum.

My Favorite Red Lipsticks on Black Women & Perfect for Valentines Day!

Youtube@ Whitney Madueke

The trend is to focus on the lips and less on other color makeup.


    7. Resurgence of Two-Tone Ombre Lipsticks

Makeup experts are predicting that ombré lips, with their color gradations and glossy textures, will be a big trend this year. Rihanna and Beyoncé have already turned heads at various award shows with this lip makeup technique. The decades-old technique of applying a darker lip liner to create a two-tone color lip has been modernized to create an ombré lip with two lipsticks in the same color family, such as brown and rusty pink, to create a natural gradient rather than a darker lip liner.

How to Create an Easy Ombré Lips // Simple Ombré Lips /Youtube @Ifee Artistry

This tutorial shows you how to create an ombré lip using two different colors of lipsticks.




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