This Makeup Trend Is Going to Take Over This Summer!

This Makeup Trend Is Going to Take Over This Summer!

When you think of ‘summer’, one of the first words that comes to mind is ‘vacation’ or ‘beach’. Summer makeup trends would naturally go hand in hand with things that represent vacation, the beach, or the vacay vibes. Especially in the summer, when you’re outdoors more often, as opposed to the long cold winter when you’re hunkered down indoors, you’re more likely to use light-textured colors that freshen your mood. This summer’s makeup trends are expected to emphasize femininity and pure, youthful-looking skin, with a focus on the shade of the Pantone Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz.



1. Blue and silver, reminiscent of the cool waters of the ocean

This summer, blue eyeliner and blue-toned, shimmery pearl eyeshadows will be the makeup technique of choice for your eyes. Silver-toned shadows also make the eyes look cooler. You can use products with a lot of pearls to create a futuristic look and a chic urban girl vibe.

The bold blue eyeshadow gives the eyes a cool, fresh look.


2. Allure of contrast: the rise of colored mascara

In line with the fashion trend of classic and old money looks, the makeup trend had been all about a clean, neat, and well-groomed look. This summer, using colored mascara to add a highlight to the makeup will provide a contrast that shines.

A commercial for Maybelline, that launched mascara in a variety of colors


3. Emphasis on sheer and nude lips

It’s time to break away from the dark lipstick you’ve been wearing all winter. Perfect for summer, a natural look lip will bring a clean, pure, and trendy look. This summer, bold colors that accentuate the eyes are going out of trend, while nude and sheer lips are becoming more popular.

Makeup tutorial on creating a sheer, moisturized lip look for this summer.



4. Beyond foundation

Say goodbye to matte powders and foundations that completely cover up your skin texture. Minimalist skin looks are all the rage this summer, allowing the skin to breathe. Dewy skin with blush, and clear, glossy lips are key. Be sure to use an essence, serum, or moisturizer, and use a skin tint with good coverage or tinted moisturizer instead of foundation to enhance your natural look.

Review of a tinted moisturizer product for a light, sheer look.


5. Doll-like cheeks with blush

The Anna Sui Spring/Summer 2024 show was dominated by deep shades of blush that looked like a Barbie doll. If you apply creamy blush and then top it with powder, you can make it last longer in hot weather. Since this year’s Pantone color is Peach Fuzz, makeup will also be influenced by it, and peach-colored blushes are expected to be popular.

Introducing peachy blushes inspired by Pantone colors. Cream-type moist blushes are going to be a big trend particularly this summer.



6. Metallic makeup full of mystery

Shimmering glitter adds a touch of mystery. You can use your fingers to apply the silver glitter to the center of the eyelid for a mysterious, cool look. Highlighters for a natural sun-kissed glow are also a must-have this summer. You can apply highlighters where the light naturally hits your face to create a polished look.

She explains how to create a trendy summer makeup look with clean complexion and glowing highlighters.




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