Supreme Hair Executive Julie Yeo was Awarded President’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Supreme Hair Executive Julie Yeo was Awarded President’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Yeo’s Contribution to the Beauty Industry Recognized

On March 10th, Supreme Hair Managing Director Julie Yeo was awarded the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the “Highest Level Event: Tribute of Excellence Charity Award Gala” hosted by the 1000 Shades of Women Foundation at Scandinavia House in New York City.

Julie was among five individuals recognized for their contributions in various fields, including Ivory Coast’s Minister of Women’s Affairs, Naseba Toure, and Bangladesh Group Chairman Abu Zafar Mahmoomd, ELHADJI NDANGHANE NDAO :(Consul Général of Sénégal in New York. The award is the highest honor given to recipients of the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

Julie Yeo has worked for Sun Taiyang Group for over 30 years and is recognized as a leader in the beauty industry. As the Managing Director of Supreme Hair, she has played a significant role in developing hair products such as TZ Braid and Expression, which have become the go-to products in Caribbean countries like Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados.

Its diverse team sets Supreme Hair apart from other beauty supply companies. While Korean sales teams and staff dominate most other companies, Supreme Hair has African employees from different countries who have worked for at least eight years. The team members have built strong relationships with each other, and the longest-serving employee has worked for over 30 years. African employees have a high level of trust and loyalty toward Julie Yeo, and they follow her lead.

Didi Fall, the Senegalese UN Ambassador who hosted the event, recommended Julie Yeo as a candidate for the award due to her perseverance, passion, and commitment to positively impacting the beauty industry. Her contributions have transformed not only the industry in Senegal but also in other African countries. The award is a testament to Julie Yeo’s exceptional leadership and unwavering dedication to her work, and it is a great honor for her and the Sun Taiyang Group.

The event was hosted by UN Ambassador Didi Fall, who praised Yeo’s perseverance, passion, and courage in her recommendation for the award.

Yeo’s recognition is a source of pride for the beauty industry and inspires others who seek to make a positive impact in their respective fields.

Julie Yeo has been recognized for her contribution to the development of Supreme Hair and the improvement of black hair care through her leadership in Sun Group’s establishment of an African factory 30 years ago and her ongoing efforts in various areas.

Unlike other affiliated companies that primarily deal with Beauty supplies, the Supreme Hair office has African employees from different countries. They have worked together for at least 8 years, maintaining a family-like relationship while celebrating various events. The longest-serving employee has worked for over 30 years, and African employees have high loyalty and trust in Julie Yeo’s leadership, following and supporting her. Therefore, her award is also a recognition of the support of all employees.

Didi Fall, the representative of the 1000 Shades of Women International Organization, who hosted the awards ceremony, explained why she recommended Julie Yeo as a candidate for a lifetime achievement award. “With her perseverance, passion, desire to change the world, courage, and contribution, she is qualified enough to represent not only Senegal but also many African countries and the future of the United States.”

She also employs numerous Africans and exports products produced in various African countries to the United States and the world, contributing to the sustainable development of African factories. Didi Fall, the organization’s ambassador, mentioned that she had personally received help from Julie Yeo and shared her growth story, recalling her first arrival in the United States when no one was around her. Julie Yeo gave her work and showed her the possibility of a better life. She gave Didi the courage to establish the 1000 Shades of Women Foundation.

Through these experiences, Didi realized how much help she had received and emphasized that she would not forget them. Such experiences seem to have inspired her to maintain her passion and challenging spirit in her life and work. “Julie Yeo unknowingly raises my self-esteem. She helped me when I had no one around me when I first came to the United States and gave me work, new possibilities, and courage,” she added.

She also stated, “Julie is a visionary who understands the needs of African American women and provides them the best products and services. She has always been passionate about black women’s beauty and has never compromised on quality. She is a role model for all of us, and I am grateful for the opportunity to honor her today.”




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