Super Simple! Hair Piece Products for Ultra-Fast Styling

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Super Simple!
Hair Piece Products for Ultra-Fast Styling

Up until now, all of the extension products we’ve looked at have required some time and effort to attach to your hair, either with the help of someone else or by styling it yourself. In this issue, we’re looking at hair pieces that make styling your hair so easy, simple, and quick that you’d require no help from someone else. These hairpieces include ponytails, buns, closures, clip-ins, and half wigs.


1. Versatile drawstring ponytail

An easy way to style an attractive ponytail comes with a drawstring. We call it a drawstring ponytail because it has an elastic band at the top of the product that you can simply pull to tighten it. It also has a small comb on the top to hold it in place on your head. The most important thing to consider when choosing a drawstring ponytail is your hair texture and color. Choose one that most closely resembles your own hair’s texture and color to get a natural-looking hairdo. Here’s how to wear a drawstring ponytail.

  1. After washing and drying your hair, tie your hair tight and twist it up into a bun.
  2. Secure the drawstring ponytail with an attached comb.
  3. As you pull on the drawstring, make sure the ponytail is neatly covering the rolled up bun.
  4. Secure it with a bobby pin for a lasting look.


She secured her curly hair as neatly as possible and used a ponytail product that is similar to her hair texture to maximize the natural look.



2. Neat and clean bun

The bun hairdo is a simple classic that can be worn with a formal attire or as a casual updo. You can style it freely according to your hair texture, and while you can get pre-styled bun products, you can also create a DIY bun with Marley, Kanekalon, and Yaki hair extensions. The great thing about a bun is that it minimizes damage to your hair, just like a drawstring ponytail. Here’s how to wear a bun.

  1. After shampooing your hair thoroughly, apply a moisturizer to your hair.
  2. Place styling gel in the palm of your hand and work it evenly throughout the hair.
  3. Use a hairband to securely tie your hair where you want to attach the bun. If you have long hair, twist your hair up.


This tutorial explains how to make a bun using a braid extension, instead of a pre-styled bun product.



A SHAKE-N-GO product includes both a bun and a bang.




3. Closures to keep things neat and tidy

Closures are generally thought of as a cap after installing weaves to tidy up the hair. When you’ve finished installing weaving products, the weave extensions will be exposed at the crown of your head, and a closure can cover them up and give a natural finish. Generally speaking, the best closures are those varieties made by manually tying each hair strand onto the lace and appearing natural after parting the hair. For a more natural look, you can cover the parting area with a concealer or foundation that matches your skin tone.


A product with hand-tied hair on lace to create a natural looking parting. The presence of baby hair makes it even more natural.  SHAKE-N-GO products shown in the photo.


Describing sew-in weaving with a lace closure. She’s covering the parting with foundation to match her skin tone. This video is a great help for understanding how to sew-in weaves work.




4. Clip-in hair extensions are easy to do on your own

Clip-in hair extensions allows you to style your own hair in just a few minutes. Although they are hair extensions, they are more like a hair accessory because they are so easy and simple to wear. Clip-in products are available in human and synthetic hair, and all clip-in hair extensions come in multiple pieces and vary in length. While hair extensions are usually glued or sewn directly onto your own hair, clip-in extensions can be easily attached and removed with clips. To attach clip-in extensions, you can follow these simple steps.

  1. Using a tail comb, part your hair in a straight line from the middle of your ears toward the center of your head. Secure a clip-in hair product in the area.
  2. Part the hair about 2 inches above with a tail comb and attach another clip-in hair product.
  3. Continue to part the hair horizontally with a tail comb, attaching clip-in hairs in desirable length. You can also use hairspray to hold the pieces in place after attaching them.



A very helpful video about how to attach clip-in extensions. This video is all you need to watch before trying clip-in extensions at home.



5. Half wigs: wigs that are not really wigs

Half wigs fall into the realm of wig products, but they’re often included in the hairpiece category because they’re as simple and easy to style as a drawstring ponytail, unlike a full wig. A half wig is literally a wig that covers only half the head; some variations are called three-quarter wigs. When choosing a half wig, it’s important to choose a product that most closely matches your hair color and texture. Wearing a half wig is similar to wearing a regular wig, but since the half wig does not completely cover the head, if you choose to wear a wig cap, it should be sized according to the size of the half wig and secured with a bobby pin. The key is to use a brush or your fingers to blend the wig hair with your own hair so that the lines between them don’t stand out.


Inside a half-wig. Since it’s not a full coverage wig, it typically has a large comb attached in the front to keep it in place and clips under each ear to the back.


Styling a wig by adding curls and blending in with a natural-hair to cover the front of the wig. 


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