Summer Items To ‘Claim’ In Advance

Summer Items

To ‘Claim’ In Advance

In the hot summer weather, practical beauty items that won’t be ruined under the scorching sun are in high demand, as well as fashion items that are comfortable and make a statement. If you have a wide range of summer products that reflect the weather in your local area, and actively market them to attract customers, you’ll likely have a successful summer season. Use the summer season as an opportunity to boost sales by getting ahead of the curve. We’ve rounded up some clever products that are perfect for cool and light styling.



Hair products

Summer is a time of increased hair damage concerns as the sun’s harsh rays accelerate hair breakage, while the hot weather leads to frequent shampooing. Wig wearers also have to worry about their scalp being weakened by high heat and sweat. While these can be managed with hair care products, there are a variety of products available to temporarily relieve the effects of the sun and heat.


Free Go – Laflare

This spray combines natural oils and menthol flavoring to nourish and cool the scalp. The top of the bottle has bumps that allow you to massage your scalp after spraying to increase circulation and help the product absorb into your scalp evenly. This is a useful item for wig wearers who experience itchy scalps during the hot summer months. It also comes in a small size for traveling.


Nanolock Silver hair glue – Sassi

This product is especially recommended for customers who cannot avoid using hair glue in the summer. It contains a silver nano formula, which provides antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits of silver, and it’s also waterproof and sweat-proof. It’s no doubt a great shield against the hot and humid summer weather.


Dry shampoos – Absolute New York

You don’t have to worry about white cast, and you can use it on synthetic hair as well as human hair. Nowadays, dry shampoos are also a favorite among teenagers, so expect them to be in high demand in the coming summer.




Body products

In hot weather, we tend to incline for simple, lightweight products. If you want to feel a little different and special without breaking the bank, take a look at these body products.


Perfume mist – Nala Tress

This is a lightweight but long-lasting perfume mist. It is almost three times more condensed than a regular mist, so the scent lasts for 24 hours. The best-selling scent is Warm and Pleasant, which contains Betaine, which is known to reduce moisture loss and provide hydration, so you can spray from head to toe without worrying about damaging your skin and hair.


Summer skin -Lawless

This is a simple body makeup item that will come in handy when you’re wearing a vacation-ready dress or laid-back lounge wear. Using a glow stick, you can lightly apply it to the collarbone or shoulder blades where you are exposing the skin. Use the included brush to evenly distribute the product and finish it clean without overdoing it. The effect is subtle and elegant.




Other summer essentials


Anklets & toe rings – Joy Jewelry

Joy Jewelry offers a line of natural-looking anklets that are a summer favorite for many with a wide variety of designs and good quality. The double-layered anklets sparkle and make a statement from a distance. For everyday wear or a simpler design, we recommend the single-strand anklets.

The toe ring is open on one side to allow size adjustment, making it easy to wear and perfect for effortlessly accentuating your outfit. The best part is that they can be worn as a midi ring. Midi rings, also known as knuckle rings, are rings worn on the knuckle of a finger and have recently been popularized by celebrities posting pictures of stacked rings.


Evil Eye jewelry – The One

The evil eye is a design that has been around for ages and is meant to ward off negative energy. Even if you don’t care about the meaning, the unique design is eye-catching enough to have a cult following. The line is colorful and playful, with bracelets and anklets that can be used to add highlights to everyday outfits. You can layer them with white or yellow gold jewelry for more style versatility.


Mesh slippers- Max Collection

In addition to their lightweight, cool design and a wide range of colors to keep you cool in the heat, fishnet sandals are affordable and durable. Max Collection shoes are true to size, so your feet will be comfortable. The non-slip rubber soles and meticulous finish make them less likely to tear, which boosts customer satisfaction.


Sunglasses – VOV Trading

Sunglasses are a must-have fashion item for summer, protecting your eyes from the harsh sun while adding a touch of style to your outfit. Keeping up with the trends and carrying a wide range of summer sunglasses in your store will give your customers something to look forward to as they prepare their summer outfits. According to fashion magazine Vogue, thick-rimmed sunglasses are one of the top sunglasses trends for 2024. This style is often featured by luxury brands such as Givenchy and Miu Miu, and you should choose sunglasses that are thick and large enough to reach your cheekbones.


Pedicure –Kiss/Dashing Diva

A pedicure is a must-have for the pool season. You can’t overlook it because wearing sandals or flip-flops exposes your feet, and the color and design of your toenails are a fashion statement in themselves. While conservative colors may be popular for fingernails, toenails are more open to experimentation for many. Having a wide range of options, from subdued colors to vibrant designs, can encourage customers to make extra purchases.


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