Strategic debut in Miami to connect North and Latin America

Strategic debut in Miami to connect North and Latin America




The inaugural event of Cosmoprof North America Miami, held on January 23-25, 2024 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, concluded with great success. The Miami event was participated by hundreds of vendors, including top retailers such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, Target, and Sally’s Beauty, as well as CVS Puerto Rico and Walmart Puerto Rico. Notably, the event attracted more than double the number of Latin American attendees compared to Cosmoprof North America, which is held annually in Las Vegas. As an important hub connecting North America and Latin America, Miami provided excellent networking opportunities for retailers and distributors looking to expand into the region.


Exhibitors and categories

Over 700 beauty brands were exhibited at the event, more than half of which were new to the show. The latest products from various beauty categories, including hair care, skincare, fragrance, makeup, and nails, were showcased. The show was divided into three sections: the Cosmopack section, which covered ingredients and packaging materials; the Country Pavilion, which featured exhibitors from various countries; and the Discover Beauty section, which catered to emerging global beauty brands and small businesses looking to enter the U.S. market.




The Cosmopack section hosted suppliers of ingredients, raw materials, private label products, packaging, applicators, manufacturing automation solutions and more, introducing beauty business buyers to new services and supply chain contacts. This year, we’ve noted beauty tech companies streamlining their manufacturing processes, companies going green and sustainable, and companies offering refillable packaging in particular.



Country Pavilion

The Country Pavilion featured nearly 20 countries from Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. This has been an important opportunity for small and midsize enterprises to introduce their products and spread trends to the global marketplace and explore opportunities to work with local distributors and retailers.

K-beauty shined at the Country Pavilion
A standout in the Country Pavilion was the Korea Pavilion, organized by Korean exhibition company KOECO. By showcasing Korea’s exceptional skincare and makeup products, it received a great response from buyers interested in K-beauty from around the world.



Exhibit booths for Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East



Booths for beauty supply brands
The exhibition featured a variety of exhibitors reflecting the latest trends in the beauty supply industry. A trend to note was the predominance of human hair extensions, clip-ins, tape-ins, and hair chemicals aimed at the Latin American and European markets rather than the products geared to African American customers with textured hair. In addition, North American companies made significant advancements in quality and technology in wig, hair care, makeup, nail and eyelash products with cutting-edge technologies, which attracted great interest from global buyers.



KISS displayed products such as cosmetics, nails and eyelashes, hair chemicals, and hair accessories in sections organized by brand, including IVY Beauty, Red by Kiss, KISS, and RUBY Kisses. Each brand showcased products and services that reflect the characteristics of their home market, based on which they aim to solidify their presence in the global marketplace.



Evin New York showcased hair chemicals, nails, and makeup products at the show. In particular, the Premium Black Collection, Wonder Lace Bond Lace Melt Collection, and Wonder Wig Solution were well received among global buyers.

Hair Couture, a professional hair extension company, has enhanced its networking potential with Latin American buyers by hiring Spanish-speaking sales staff to target the Latin American market. The company’s flagship products were the clip-in and tape-in extensions.

Wig, hair extension, and braiding company Eve Hair focused on human hair and Humano Remy.

Currently available in beauty supplies and other retailers nationwide, CALA brand is well known for environment-friendly K-beauty products. CALA has already had customers in more than 100 countries worldwide in its reach and, in this event, offered skincare, spa products, eyelashes, nails, hair, and makeup tools as well as men’s products at a competitive price, attracting many buyers.

Longtime customer-favorite signature brands like Salon Pro 30 eyelash glue, Jamaican Mango & Lime, and Beard Guyz were featured.

A staple among beauty supply brands, Annie has presence in 45 countries around the world, and its accessible location at the entrance of the North American Pavilion attracted many buyers.

Xtreme Beauty International, based in Miami, Florida, showcased its flagship OKAY brand. The brand is a natural hair care brand that has been steadily gaining popularity in the beauty supply market, and it has established a global distribution network throughout Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, the United Arab Emirates, and South Africa. All of their products are made in Miami, and the event gave them the opportunity to expose their brand to more global buyers.

It showcased hair gels Shine ‘n Jam and Long AID, and skincare brand UG Glow that are best selling products in many beauty supplies.



Event and education highlights

Education was a key component at the show, and attendees benefited greatly from the insightful seminars and panel discussions offered at ‘CosmoTalks’ and ‘Cosmopack Education’. Topics such as “Analyzing the Latin American Beauty Market” and “Innovations in E2E Integration for Finished Goods Production” were of particular interest.



Miami COSMO TREND Report 2024

The 2024 Miami Cosmo Trend Report highlights the latest trends and innovative products in the beauty industry. The report was published in collaboration with BEAUTYSTREAMS, which analyzed products from various brands that participated in the event and discovered five key trends.

  1. ‘SHIELDS UP’: products that can protect the skin from environmental stress and pollution gained traction. These products feature antioxidants, chemical protection, UV protection, and inflammatory relief.
  2. ‘FRIZZ FIGHTERS’: Hair care products to combat frizz in humid climates were of particular interest. These products use natural ingredients or include oxygenating technology to prevent frizz and strengthen hair.
  3. ‘KISS & TELL’: lip color, which has been out of the spotlight for a while due to mask wearing, is making a comeback. Products with skincare ingredients, boasting natural color expression, and combining both lip care and volume are leading the trend.
  4. ‘COLOR GUARDIANS’: new products have emerged to protect and strengthen hair during hair coloring. These new kinds of products rebuild hair fibers during coloring and strengthen hair with natural active ingredients.
  5. ‘FUNGI-TASTIC’: skincare products utilizing various types of mushrooms are gaining traction. These products hydrate the skin, reduce wrinkles, improve elasticity, and more.


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