Spring 2023, fill your display with braid care products

Spring 2023, fill your display with braid care products

When you ask a retail business owner what items sell the most, it is always the same answer. First, they say, “Nothing really sells well lately. There’s no hit item.” But it is always followed by them saying, “still, the braids are steady sellers.”

The popularity of braids lasted years, and it is posed to easily survive the economic downturn. From shops to trade shows, braids are occupying more and more space. Many braid care products are entering the market as if thread follows the needle. Like a warm breeze, the braid care products will tell your beauty supplies that it’s spring time. We have carefully selected braid care products by brand.


Braids, when and why is it trending?

Is there a “braid season”? In the past, braids were popular in hot summers. Braids that stay off your neck can help coping with hot weather, and braids not only are easy to maintain but also give off a cool sensation. In a retail store, traditionally, summer has been a braid season. However, the trend is shifting. Like you analyze the glue sales to figure out the size of the weaving hair product market, you can look up Google Trend data of braiding gels to figure out the interest in braid hair.




Taking a good look at the trend, we can see the interest starts to increase in spring and peaks in summer. However, you can tell that the interest is relatively steady throughout the year. Hair stylists point out that braid styles are rather good for winter when it comes to African Americans. If you braid your hair, you can protect the sensitive and delicate hair with the natural “hair helmet” created by the braids.

As to braiding gels, regional interest varied as follows. Most states with high interest have more than 30% of Black population.


©trends.google.com Black population by states: ▲Georgia 31.76% ▲Louisiana 33.24% ▲Mississippi 38.83% ▲South Carolina 27.02% ▲Maryland 30.76% (As of 2023, source: worldpopulationreview.com)


Among African Americans, braid styles have thousands years of history, but especially in the past few years, they were very popular. There is a reason why people think the popularity will continue. The proliferation of CROWN Act (see “CROWN Act to stop discrimination based on hairstyle” on page 00) has lifted restrictions on hairdos for many African Americans, and braid styles do bring benefits to their hair.

Various styles
From typical box, Ghana, jumbo, cornrow, and Senegal braids to crochet, butterfly, and lemonade braids, there are an infinite number of styling options. African American women especially enjoy wearing trendy new styles for the season or getting them on an anniversary.

Easy maintenance
Black hair is particularly hard to maintain due to kinky and puffy texture. Braids that last long can help save time and money, and they are easier to maintain than natural hairstyles.

Hair growth
Braiding your hair can improve blood circulation that can promote hair growth. Braids also help prevent knotting and tangling of hair while providing nutrients and reducing breakage.

Hair protection
Braids are the ultimate protective style that does not require high maintenance. In other words, braids can reduce hair damage from chemicals. This is why braid styles are called protective styles.

Hence, you can say braids can provide “styling” as well as “care” for your hair. Braid products are in the same line. If you do some maintenance and use quality products, you can prevent hair damages and maintain the braids neatly for a long time. You should carry all levels of braid care products and recommend them to your customers depending on their need.



Braiding products are great for your display with a colorful appearance.


Before braiding – cleansing and moisturizing products

Clean hair is the starting point of all hairdos. You should wash your hair clean and work on conditioning and moisturizing. If hair is messy and dry, braiding procedures can be harder. There is also a possibility that residues from chemical products may accumulate in hair. You can recommend good cleansers including quality shampoos, cleansing conditioners, and deep conditioners while suggesting leave-in conditioners, natural oil products with powerful moisturizing effects such as coconut oil and olive oil.

Usage tip
-Deep conditioner: on wet hair, apply it, leave it for up to an hour, and rinse it on the day before braiding.
-Leave-in conditioner: apply it, then split the hair into two strands, and twist them for much softer and moist hair


During braiding – styling products

A common issue with braid styling is that hair can slip through your fingers. Hair can stick out, making it impossible to align them correctly. Braiding gels and mousse can solve these issues.

Usage tip
-Braiding gels: the easiest way to reduce frizz. Quality gels can coat hair strands to hide split ends and trouble areas. Start applying the gels from the root area before braiding, and when hair roots are soaked with gels, comb it down. You can add more gels while braiding as necessary.
-Foaming mousse: a lighter option than hair gels. It provides a smooth finish at the final stage of braiding. It helps braids to last longer, controls frizz, and improves your hair’s healthy glow. It is better to be used on wet hair.

A YouTube video shows how to use foam mousse for braid styling ©Braids by Chinia

After braiding – products to settle and maintain hair

Generally, braids can last 2 to 8 weeks depending on the type and style. Regular cleansing and moisturizing can lengthen the lifetime significantly. You can use cleansing water, spray, and dry shampoo to keep hair clean, and mist and conditioner can replenish water content after braiding. Anti-itching products can reduce itchiness by relieving irritation and stopping scalp from drying.

Usage tip
-Hair oil: you can use it before and after braiding. Apply it liberally after braiding to deliver nutrients and gloss finish to hair. A mixture of coconut oil, caster oil, and peppermint oil can be applied on hair to provide moisture and calm itchy scalp while preventing damages.

-Conditioner spray: traditional conditioners can be too heavy for braids. A light-weight conditioner spray can prevent build-up while moisturizing the hair.

-Dry shampoo: when you can’t shampoo your hair, dry shampoo can keep hair clean while improving styling. When improperly used, it may leave residue on hair. You should shake the spray before applying to the scalp around the crown. Gently rub it with your fingertips.


Coming back to the Google Trend data, you may notice another welcoming news. The second most searched keywords in association with braiding gels was “beauty supply near me.”


Although big-box chains and beauty chains as well as online retailers carry them, the main outlet for braid care products is still the beauty supply. Tax refund season is approaching, and you have a clear reason to stock up braid products for your store.




2. Must-have items for your store! A list of braid care products by brands

In a reverse alphabetical order (BNB Magazine alternate alphabetical and reverse alphabetical orders to avoid preferential treatment of certain brands). Rating, number of reviews, and price information is from Amazon.com. Newly released products may have some information missing.


Universal Beauty – VIA Natural Freestyle Braiding Collection

Independently developed by UBP to address the popularity of braids, this newly released braid care kit can be used as follows.

Step 1 Braiding Shine Jelo
On freshly cleaned hair, before you begin braiding, apply a small amount of our Braiding Jelo to each section for extra hold & crisp parts. Comb loose, flyaway hair together for a neater braid.

Step 2 Foamer Styling mousse
Once your style is complete, apply a generous amount of our Foamer Styling Mousse for the perfect finish. Distribute evenly throughout the hair, set & dry.

Step 3 Braid Booster
For added shine, spray on hair after your style is set. Use daily as needed to boost the scalp & braids & reduce frizz.

Step 4 Flex Wash – Foam & Go
An easy no-wash shampoo for clean, longer-lasting braid style. No rinse, all clean. Just shake to active, pump into hand & apply directly to scalp & hair. Gently massage in & sit for 5-10 minutes. No need to rinse, just towel blot hair & scalp to remove dirt & buildup. Allow to dry.

Step 5 Braid Keleage
Apply a generous amount of product directly to the braid & massage thoroughly from ends to roots. Use fingers or a small-tooth comb for easy detangling. Reapply as needed until all braids are loose.

Step 6 Hair & Scalp Keviver
The remedy for hair & scalp. Squeeze a few drops of this liquid gold onto the scalp & gently massage. Apply daily to revive dry, itchy scalp.



Red by KISS (IVY Beauty) – Styler Fixer (March release)

Braiding Gel
Styler Fixer Braiding Gel is a conditioning gel that provides firm hold with high shine to make your braids look neat and treated. Enriched with Certified Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Honey Extract, you may maintain your braids more hydrated and nourished without flaking or crisp parts.

Foam Mousse
Approved by professional stylists, Styler Fixer Foam Mousse provides high definition and brilliant shine to your curls while deeply nourishing dry, crisp parts and reducing frizz.

Braid Sheen Refresher
This is an ultimate solution to refresh your curls and braids with brilliant shine and hydration while soothing your scalp. With an attractive scent, you can create hair that has just been treated at the salon.




Braid Locking Gel
Black Castor & Argan / Cherry Blossom & Pomegranate   $10.49(3 oz.), $23.29(16 oz.) on Amazon

A styling solution for all your Braiding, Twisting & Locking needs. It controls frizz and tangling, promotes healthy hair, and improves glow from root to hair end. Also, it helps your hairdo last longer. Apply it to well-combed hair when it is dry and work with it to create a desired braid style.

Foam Wrap locking Mousse
Black Castor & Argan / Olive & Avocado / Pomegranate & Cherry Blossom    $12.49 on Amazon

Made with natural ingredients, it provides moisture and nutrients to puffy and dry hair for a voluminous and defined hair texture. It will not cake after retouching, and it can finish up a frizz-free style even on a wet day.




Renowned for its organic hair products, Mielle Organics developed a braid care product that is based on rice water and aloe vera for natural hair treatment.

Rice Water & Aloe Vera Braid & Scalp Moisturizer
This Moisturizer is a lightweight, non-greasy spray that instantly absorbs into braids and scalp to moisturize and deeply condition braid styles without buildup.

Rice Water & Aloe Vera Braid Set Foam
This set foam provides hold for neat, longer lasting braids. This alcohol free, fast drying foam helps to blend braiding hair, smoothes fly-aways and prevents braid frizz.




Hair & Scalp Growth Oil
This product stimulates natural hair growth with no chemicals, soothes itchiness and irritation on your scalp, as well as prevents dry scalp and split ends by locking in moisture in the strands.

LOC Twists Braids Wave Edge Gel
“LOC N” gel is getting famous for having no alcohol, and no beeswax, so it does not cause flaking. It provides long-lasting and strong hold. LOC N” contains a fresh smell.




Edge Control, which is made by selecting only raw materials that have received strict approval procedures from the U.S. production chemicals and FDA. This product adds protection for hair and scalp in addition to the typical features of edge gels or braid gels, and it lasts over a day and does not turn white.




Since the brand launched in 2020, it entered the U.S. market and made outstanding success in online platforms. Goiple independently researches, develops, and manufactures various beauty products for Black women based on thorough market analysis.

Braid Gel
Perfect for braiding and smoothing edges, super duration, make your beauty more lasting. High shine, no residue and smoothing. Organic Ingredients: Our braiding gel used argan oil, beeswax and coconut oil and other natural ingredients, and helped us make models at the same time also can nourish hair.

Locks & Braid Foam Control
Perfect finishing touch to all your protective hairstyles. It locks in moisture and helps you keep your hairstyle longer. It contains natural ingredients of lavender flowers, leaf/stem extracts and willow bark, no alcohol, no preservatives, no dyes, no sulfates, and no compromises on ingredients.



Ebin New York – Braid Formula Series

Conditioning gel
Regular Hold / Medium Hold / Super Hold
$6.73(3.53 oz.) /$8.00(6.35 oz.)/ $14.99(11 oz.) on Amazon

Styling products that are suitable for all types of hair texture. You can do various braid styles including braids, twists, and locs. Water-rich formula prevents hair damage during braiding and adds a glow finish.

Loc Twist Braid Oil
Rosemary Oil Infused / Aloe Infused / Citrus Oil Infused

Hair mist for a silky and glowing finish for braided hair. It can moisturize dry hair for a glossy look. Refreshing scent and light formula is great for daily use.
-Rosemary oil: improves and strengthens damaged hair / aloe: strong hair with replenished moisture / citrus oil: replenishes water and helps hair growth

Loc Twist Braid Gloss Mist
Rosemary Oil Infused / Aloe Infused / Citrus Oil Infused

Hair mist for a silky and glowing finish for braided hair. It can moisturize dry hair for a glossy look. Refreshing scent and light formula is great for daily use.
-Rosemary oil: improves and strengthens damaged hair / aloe: strong hair with replenished moisture / citrus oil: replenishes water and helps hair growth



Bee Sales Co. – BTL(Braiding, Twist, Locs) Professional

BTL Braiding Gel(EXTREME/ SUPREME)/ BTL Foam Wrap Lotion / No Rinse Shampoo

BTL Braiding Gel
Two hold strengths, stronghold Pink and moderate hold Purple, features sweet scent and soft texture

BTL Foam Wrap Lotion
A wizard that takes care of stray hairs right after braiding. Pink (strong hold) and Purple(moderate hold)

No Rinse Shampoo
Can be used while you can’t shampoo before style retouch. Products used by people of all ages

BTL’s Anti-Itch Rich Therapy Spray / Anti-Itch Cooling Therapy Oil Spray
Left) Keeps the moisture in the scalp and hair before braiding to prevent itchiness and dryness. Sweet mango scent.
Right) Olive oil ingredient adds moisturizing that facilitates temporary relief and prevention of itchiness. Sweet and cool scent.



Beauty Plus – Esha SlickSlay

Great for braids, locs, and twists. This gel sleeks edges while producing hair follicles with natural oils to promote hair growth. No flaking or white residue. This gel restores the natural pH balance of the hair and scalp.



Ampro Shine ‘n Jam – Magic Fingers

Developed by Stasha Harris, a professional braider/influencer, this braiding product line is composed of edge control, braiding gel, setting mousse, and oil.

Edge Magic for Braiders
Unlike the edge control of alcohol that dries the hairline, this one is made of glycerin (which moisturizes the hair) and olive oil to protect the edge smoothly and flexibly.

Magic Fingers for Braiders
Easy to apply and formulated with special emollients to keep hair silky and sleek, giving excellent hold and reducing frizz without leaving residue.

Setting Mousse for Braiding
This creamy, alcohol-free Setting Mousse is formulated to perfectly set your braids and extend the life of your styles. Wheat Protein and Avocado help to strengthen hair while Jojoba Oil keeps your hair soft and conditioned.

Finishing Sheen
Lightweight combinations of oils keep hair soft and manageable. Enhanced with Honey Extract to rejuvenate braids. Safflower Oil and Argan Oil enhance braids and help prevent shedding.



AllDay(Hairobics) – Locks Series

Natural hair care product line brought to you by a Black developer who understands Black hair issues better than anyone.

Braid Gel   $9.68(15 fl.oz) on Amazon
Powerful moisturizing formula that is free from build-up or sticky mess. Includes tea tree extracts that calm the scalp.

Braid Foam   $9.75(8 fl.oz) on Amazon
Light formula with strong hold. Braid styles can last longer with a bright glow.

Braid Spray   $9.95(12 fl.oz) on Amazon
Refreshing formula rinses off the accumulator, prevents damages, and relieves itchiness.

Braid Oil   $9.95(8 fl.oz) on Amazon
Luxurious oil blend provides a nourishing and calming boost for your scalp.

Lock N Twist   $24.99(15 fl.oz) on Amazon
Long lasting strong hold in no shiny, no flaking, and no frizzy formula.


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