Say no to same old ponytails What is the top trending style?


Say no to same old ponytails

What is the top trending style?

You are mistaken if you think ponytails are just typical and boring hairdos made by pulling and tying hair for times when you are exercising or not happy with your hair. Today’s ponytails are one of the most preferred styles for a sexy and trendy look, making it a convenient, fashionable and versatile fashion item. Some African American women give up on ponytail for their natural hair texture, but they can have a natural ponytail hairdo as long as they know how-to.

Make a natural and healthy ponytail

Prepare a spray bottle filled with water, a wide comb, a hair brush, and styling gel. Mist water on hair and carefully brush the wet hair. After tying the hair, spray on the rest of the hair. Loosen tangled hair bottom up with a wide tooth comb.

Lastly, fix the hair using styling gel. If gel feels overly hard, add jojoba oil, argan oil or olive oil to styling gel to prevent it from hardening and for hydration.

Tightly hold the hair with a scarf, leave it to dry for about fifteen to twenty minutes to complete a neat ponytail style. For a final touch, you can add a layer of gloss-finish hair spray to bring out the texture. You can complete with a desired ponytail extension.


1. Cupcake ponytail

©chaff2chicsalonandspa instagram

As you guessed from its name, it looks like a cupcake. To add the volume at the top part, you will need ponytail extension hair and fillers. Attach a long straight ponytail hair using a bobby pin and wrap hair around it again at a desired position to complete a cute and unique cupcake ponytail.


2. Jewelry-decorated ponytail

©Hairbyrasilondon instagram

It is nothing special, but a jewelry decoration can bring about an ultimate feminine look for a ponytail. Two ponytails make it cute, and shining jewelry decoration brings about a feminine and unique feel. The key to this style is trimming the hair edge carefully and using just the right amount of jewelry.


3. Bubble ponytail

© Stacey Adrianne Youtube

You have seen it with Princess Jasmine in the Disney movie Aladdin. Bubble ponytails often appear on social media, and additional hair fillers are key to create the bubbly look. Use hair bands to tie the hair until you have five or more bubbles. Distancing the bubbles equally is the key. 


4. Braided side ponytail

©DOPEaxxPANA Youtube

A retro-styled braid ponytail can bring about the beauty and confidence of an African American woman. You need to have a continuous series of braids from your scalp to the hair end. It goes well with a casual outfit and on special days alike. Different positions of ponytails can create varying moods. It is a great style for all ages.


5. Natural curl low ponytail

© Chev B. Youtube

A ponytail that utilizes the natural curl of an African American woman. Just a simple low style can be very much feminine. With various curls and lengths, you can create unique looks.


6. Side bang ponytail

© Nae. Simone Youtube

Side bang ponytail that is ultra feminine. It has a totally different feel than ponytails without a bang. Neatly organized bang is attractive. Ponytails can be styled in many ways, but for the most feminine look, a loose curl or straight ponytail is the most natural way to go.



7. Long loose curl ponytail

Long loose curl ponytails create a very different mood than the short and lively ponytails. Work with long enough hair to cover the waist for a desired look. You can boost the hairstyle with braiding hair on the scalp, a bang, or a neatly styled edge.


8. Kinky curly ponytail

© Crowned K Youtube

Kinky curly ponytail might be the best hairdo to showcase the beauty of African American women along with braiding ponytail. Various styles per length are available, but short styles brings cheerful practicality that is great for a daily style.


9. Braids with loc and dread

© ForeverCryssy Youtube

Braids with loc and dread can be called an art because it brings together the unique texture, culture, and artistic sense of African American women. It is most natural when the scalp is styled with braids or locs for a natural look. You can add more sophistication with ornaments such as beads.




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