Retro trend for makeup: Grunge


It is said, “fashion repeats itself.” When a trend wanes, it feels like the style will never come back. However, decades later, it often suddenly goes sensational. Grunge makeup is just like that. Thick eyeliner, dark tinted lips, and matte skin, which were popular in ’90s, are the main features of grunge makeup. In contrast to the natural-looking makeup which had been a mainstream for a while, the grunge makeup brings about a wild and bold look, as opposed to a soft and feminine look. Here comes a detailed look at the grunge makeup from skin prep to lip colors.


    1. What is grunge makeup?

Smoky makeup may be most representative of grunge makeup. Under eyeliner deepens the eyes.

Grunge means grime or dirt, basically something not clean. When it comes to fashion trend, grunge looks originated from untidy styles where you appear as if you grabbed something from a thrift shop and wore it without much afterthought, which stands for rebellion against the high fashion and elitism. When this fashion trend applies to makeup, it can be defined with matte skin, dark brick red lips, and smudged smoky eyes.


    2. Contrast is the key

In contrast to the exaggerated eye makeup, neat and matte skin texture is another characteristic of grunge makeup.
© HOW TO – WINGED LINER 2 WAYS | lolaliner Youtube

You prep the skin as clean and neat as possible and go bold on eye makeup for a grunge look. The key characteristic of grunge makeup is highlighting the dark and bold smoky eye makeup, so to emphasize the wild eye makeup, you keep the skin tone pale and matte. Therefore, you should avoid dewy skin makeup or using substantially brighter color foundations than your natural skin tone.

    3. Glam grunge makeup

Glamorous look can be completed with nude tone lipsticks for highlighting eye makeup. ©90s GRUNGE GLAM MAKEUP TUTORIAL | JAMIE GENEVIEVE Youtube

Although smoky eye and dark lip are the two main features of the grunge makeup, you may get an outdated or too aggressive look when you try both at the same time. For a more glamorous look with grunge makeup, use a nude tone lipstick along with smoky eye for a sexy and chic appeal. The focal point of grunge makeup is eye. Cover with dark eyeshadow and smudge over the eyelids and apply exaggerated eyeliner along the eyelashes. Finish the look with a nude tone, light pink, or coral lips as if not wearing a makeup.


    4.  Dark lips make grunge makeup grunge

The grunge makeup is completed with dark lips. Eyes are defined, but with soft and natural eyeshadow.
©Grunge Makeup – Dark Lip – Glowing Skin – Easy Makeup Tutorial – Ipsy March Glambag | Bailey Sarian Youtube

As briefly mentioned above, ’90s smoky eye and dark colored lip are the classic grunge look. Nevertheless, having both at their full strength will render the overall look unattractive. If you want to highlight lips, go easy on eyeshadow. Instead, go for a defined eyebrows, strong eyeliner which is smudged with finger tips for deeper eye expression, and make fuller eyebrows with black mascara.


    5. Exaggerated grunge eyeliner

Wing-shaped thick eyeliners and exaggerated eyeshadows are key features of grunge makeup.

Exaggerated graphic eyeliners that you expect to find at a fashion show are also the representative features of a grunge look. Although it can be too much, you can tone it down with lip colors for a trendy and chic style.Having an extra thick eyeliner without eyeshadow alone can complete a grunge look. In this case, it’s important that you fully cover the underneath eyebrows in a wing shape.




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