Quick trend news: All you need to know

Quick trend news: All you need to know

This year, we’ve been inundated with news of new fashion trends. The old-money look has taken the fashion world by storm and has evolved to include accessories and pops of color to create a look that is both classic and personal. We’ve rounded up the hairstyles and accessories that will be in style this year.



1. Ballet-core-style hair bows

Hair bows are a big trend this year, from the runway to celebrity styles. Ballet core is a fashion style inspired by a ballet costume, a look that expresses a feminine and elegant image through an outfit. A bow is a hair accessory that allows you to add an edge to a simple hairstyle by using small or large bows, depending on your personality.


A black ribbon adds a touch of femininity and elegance to this old-money look.




2. Blunt cuts and bold colors

Fashion icon Kelly Rowland’s Instagram posts have garnered more than 200,000 likes. Short hair without layers, the middle parting, which will be trending this year, and a turquoise color make for a unique and sophisticated look. The yellow background behind the dotted top she’s wearing makes it feel like you’re looking at a work of art.





3. Retro-inspired jersey headband

Headband is a fashion item that allows you to be fashionable and get your hair done at the same time. Choose a wide, elastic one that sits in front of your hairline, and stick to three basic colors: black, gray, and white. A jersey headband is a trendy way to create a sporty look that combines leisure and fashion.


A jersey band completes an office look. You can express your active lifestyle with just a hairband.




4. Rebirth of the ash blonde color

Beyoncé’s airy miniskirt in checkered pattern at Renaissance Film World adds a touch of luxury to her ash blonde long hair. Rather than the traditional platinum blonde color with its yellow undertones, ash blonde is a lighter, more grayish color that will be a big trend this year.


Instagram photo with over 3 million likes




5. Back in time, claw clips are making a comeback

Claw clips are a staple that never goes out of style, but this year they’ve become an unusually popular fashion item on social media. They can be styled in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns, and the natural flow of the hair enhances the feminine mood. It’s the perfect accessory to create a classic look with a half-up style or an effortless up-do.


Hair styled in a neat up-do with claw clips. You can create a classic and casual look.




6. Return of scrunchie

The hair accessory that hit the streets in the ’90s, the scrunchie, is set to make a comeback this year in oversize versions. Scrunchies have grown in size and are now available in silk or satin, adding a touch of elegance to everyday styles. It can be used to accentuate any hairstyle, whether it’s a ponytail, braid, or bun.


An oversize scrunchie in a pink color, reminiscent of the ballet core, creates a clean and feminine image.



7. Reddish-brown ginger color revolution

A warm, reddish-brown ginger color that has been steadily gaining popularity is a blend of chestnut autumnal tones and reddish hues that evokes a soft, feminine image. This color, which is especially flattering on black women’s skin tones, is expected to be popular this year. Ginger can be worn in a variety of tones, so it’s important to choose a color that compliments your skin tone.




8. Waves of bubble braids

Bubble braids are said to have roots in African culture. This style, which can be worn in a ponytail or multiple bubble braids, has recently become popular and trending on social media, with celebrities like Beyoncé and Chloe Bailey sporting it before the cameras. It can be feminine or playful, depending on your personality.



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