Kids Hair Lookbook for Holiday Parties

Kids Hair Lookbook for Holiday Parties

What children’s hairstyles will make your holiday party stand out? To avoid irritating your child’s scalp, try a healthy hairstyle that utilizes their natural hair texture as much as possible without using extensions.


1.  Make a unique style with cornrow

For special occasions, get in the holiday spirit with a cornrow having a different design than usual. It’s the most basic, but also the most practical, and it can be styled with hair beads or ribbons to match the color of your dress. This is the best hairstyle for active kids, and it can last for a long time.





2. A cute take on the natural Afro puff

The texture and fullness of curly hair is captured in this adorable Afro puff, which is left untouched to create a cute and unique look. Add a cornrow braid to the front for a unique look or create a double-parted puff for a cute look. Play around with accessories.





3. Clean and edgy Bantu knot style

The Bantu style, which is characterized by neatly organized hair, is easier to style than it looks. You can do the whole hair in Bantu knots, or just the top in a Bantu while leaving the bottom, for a cute look. The Bantu is an Afro style that can be worn as knot-outs for a change.


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4. Bubble braids for maxed-out cuteness

Create ponytails in sections and tie them together at regular intervals with colored elastic bands. To get into the holiday spirit, you can match the color of the elastic bands to the theme of your party and dress. Depending on the amount of hair you use and where you place the bands, you can create different bubble styles.


©YouTube: @Sekora and Sefari



5. Bun hawk for a sophisticated look

Part your hair into three or four sections and create a knot in the middle after pulling hair up with hair gel or other products. You can use a variety of knotting techniques, including puff styles and braids. The key is to make the bun look fuller but keep the rest of the hair neat and clean.


©YouTube: @Yolanda Beck



6. Top knot bun for dressing up

If it’s a holiday party where you’re going to be dressed up like a young bride, why not go all out with your hair? Put your hair up neatly with hair gel and tie a knot at the crown to create a bun. Curl the rest of the hair to create a highlight. Wear a variety of jewelry that matches your dress.


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7. Fulani braids for a unique look

Although time-consuming, the Fulani braids can create a unique look and is a favorite among men and women of all ages. It’s characterized by no parting in the center, and the braids on sides can be left long or bunched up on the sides for a cleaner look. Use beads or hair accessories to create a party vibe.


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8. Twist and bun with accessories

A two-strand twist and a twist bun at the back can create a cute look. Wear accessories such as large bows and hair accessories that match the color of your dress and also make sure to use hair gel to keep your hair free of flyaway. It has the advantage of allowing for easy and quick hairstyling.




9. Lovely heart braid

For a special party event, a heart braid is a lovely way to style your hair. After braiding your entire hair, create a heart-shaped braid in the desired location. Braid tightly toward the scalp to keep it from getting out of shape. Make your party hair look even more adorable with hair accessories!


©YouTube: @Nique Lynn



10. The classic of classic: bun hairstyle

One of the most classic and common party hairstyles for kids is the bun. You can keep your entire hair in a bun and take out a section of hair in the front or back, depending on your preference, and style it in curls or braids. If you don’t have enough hair to make a bun, you can add a store-bought bun product.


©YouTube: @IAMAWOG


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