How to Tackle Senior Wigs

How to Tackle Senior Wigs

Like salt and pepper in the kitchen, beauty supplies also have staples. One of them is senior wigs for customers with salt-and-pepper hair. Customers who started wearing braids early in their lives might be looking for wigs to cover hair loss. America is aging, and what items would long run in the growing senior wig market? How can you sell them well? If you pay a bit of your attention, you can make senior wigs your steady seller and make loyal customers for them.

1. Take a note of the senior wig market

Beauty supply retail stores typically cater to customers of all ages from youths to the elderly. However, different age groups go to a beauty supply for different reasons. Younger customers tend to look for trendy makeup and hair styling products while senior customers look for anti-aging skincare products and hair care products to address thinning hair. All in all, wigs are key products to cover up flaws in appearance for customers advanced in age. There are several reasons to pay attention to senior wigs for a beauty supply business. The most significant reason is that the senior wig market is quietly but steadily growing.

〮 As of 2020, 56 million, or 16.9%, of Americans are 65 years old or older. As the life expectancy increases and the baby boomers grow old, the senior population should make up 22% by 2040 and 25% by 2060.

〮 As the life expectancy rises, many senior citizens will likely continue to enjoy their social activities. According to a research on American seniors reported in 2020, 9.8 millions of 65 years or older Americans are working or looking for a job. Hence, clean and attractive appearance is a must-have for some seniors. Senior wigs not only cover the shortfalls of aging but also boost their confidence, so the demand will continue to grow.

Aside from the market growth, there is another reason to pay attention to senior wigs for retail stores.

〮 When it comes to senior wigs, offline sales still beats online sales. If you succeed in boosting your sales for senior wigs, it could possibly generate synergy for sales in other areas.

〮 Many seniors tend to stick to a style rather than quickly following new trend. Words from retail stores speak about customers who stick to a single hair style for over ten years. In other words, the trend is not short-lived, and repeat purchase is more likely. If you succeed in supplying a great style for a customer, they will become your regular customer. Reportedly, senior African Americans have higher brand loyalty. According to Alicia, which has manufactured senior wigs for almost twenty years, many customers send email inquiries or handwritten thank-you notes to the company.


Most beauty supplies do not carry senior wigs as their main items. Although not great in quantity, they tend to sell steadily. Nonetheless, those unique designs and gray colors of wigs tailored to seniors are usually hidden in a corner. However, if it has a great market potential and may bring a loyal customer to your store, isn’t it worth taking up a section of your display aisle?


2. Senior wigs that last long have certain characteristics

If you want to sell senior wigs, you have to break the stereotype that senior wigs are for grannies. Many people suffer from hair loss, and people who are a bit too young to be called a senior do wear wigs. People who have salt and pepper hair also look for gray colored wigs with more dark hair. It is not to say that gray color is for seniors. A beauty supply business having many senior customers says, “nowadays African American seniors want to look younger too.” Then, what to carry for today’s senior customers?

Hair length: short > long

As a woman ages, her hair grows slower and starts to thin, making it appear less full. Hence, many women in advanced ages tend to wear shorter hair. Wearing wigs can solve the problem, but still many seniors want to find styles that are suitable for their age, which tend to be shorter hair. Like natural hair, wigs are easier to maintain when the length is shorter.

Of course, some ask for gray colors with long hairstyles that are of late trend.

Style: curl > straight

Most seniors believe curls make them appear younger than straight hair. Indeed, curls can boost hair volume and look younger. Many senior wigs in the market have curls and sometimes inflated styles for maximum volume. Short bobs, finger waves, and tight curls are also popular.

Color: gray > others

The basic option for senior wigs is gray. They tend to have toned-down colors, and the key is how to make the gray look as natural as possible. Color codes run from #1, the darkest, to higher numbers for lighter. Gray starts at #30, and brown and other colors can be mixed in various ratios. The lightest color is #60, and some customers who are relatively young or aspiring to look younger may look for #280s which have a dark base.

Gray color code chart

#37 or 38: if not wanting gray throughout but a bit of gray, these work great.

#44-51: Salt-and-pepper colors, overall silver highlights in off-black base

#56 (smoke gray): natural gray tone with overall silvery color, some with highlights

#60 (cool white): elegant, vibrant, and cool, pure white

#280: black with 5% gray

#281: dark brown with 5% gray

Moving on from grays, some seniors may try colors like brown, blonde, and burgundy. Hair companies are releasing senior wigs with various colors in response to the demand. Customers are often unsure of how the color would look, so it would be great for beauty supplies to provide advice or more information. Here is a helpful YouTube video about senior hair color choices.

©YouTube – How to Find Your Best Grey Wig Color


Price range: around $40 > $10-15

Although the popular price range should vary from place to place, many retail store business owners say, “seniors tend to stay below $50 because they have low fixed income.” Some businesses reported synthetic wigs sold for $10-15 were popular while others $30-50. On average, however, the retail price of around $40 should be the sweet spot for senior wigs.



3. Senior wig sales strategy for a long run

Tips for customers choosing a wig


√ Choose a wig that highlights your facial features.

√ Find a wig with a natural hairline. If it appears unnatural, a bang may be needed.

√ Do not get fixated on hair volume. Although it may look full, it may also look older.

√ Do not unjustly stick to short hair. If you like a longer hairdo but just are not confident to wear one, you can get medium length.

√ If you are not sure about color, you can find out whether you look better with a warm or cool tone.

Hair type

√ Human hair wigs: they would look just like your natural hair, so if you want to look natural, they are the way to go. Good for long term use.

√ Synthetic wigs: you can get various styles due to affordable price, and some prefer synthetic because they want to stick to a style. Good for intermittent use.

Senior wigs tend to be worn for a longer time period. Less active wearers tend to damage wigs less often. So, they usually purchase one or two wigs a year. Hence, long-term care for a wig is very important. You should give them consistent reminders about how to maintain wigs.

Make a store appealing to senior audience

Wigs need to be tried on.

During the pandemic, many beauty supplies stopped offering wig try-on. Many owners and managers miss the good old days now. Having enjoyed the ease of running a store without try-on, they often hesitate to resume it. However, after resuming wig try-on, a beauty supply store focused on wigs reported a 20% increase of wig sales. Wig try-on is one of the strengths of offline beauty supplies. Especially for senior customers who prefer offline shopping to online, try-on is a must.

Have a senior wig corner

When a store is near an assisted-living community or has many senior customers, it sometimes has a senior wig corner or resting area. If senior wig sales take up a significant portion of sales, it is advised to have a separate fitting room for seniors. It does not have to be extravagant, but bright lighting, a comfortable chair, and a mirror will do.


Matching items with wigs

If you put wig care products or hair accessories beside the wig section, the display can produce synergy for sales performance. Senior wigs are often purchased together with items popular among senior customers such as hair brushes, hair caps, slippers, and magnifying glasses. A retail store owner also mentioned that senior customers are less likely to purchase accessories.

On a side note, during our interview at New Jersey, a wig business owner with decades of experience said, “Nowadays wigs are of great quality. And I’m not sure why Korean companies sell these well made wigs at such a low price. I wish they would charge a fair price.” To raise quality should be to raise price. It should be the case when a sufficient customer base is built.


4. Trend pick! Senior wigs

*Based on the materials provided by hair product companies, here comes the Editor’s Picks in alphabetical order.

Since its launch of Foxy Silver in 2005, Alicia built years of experience and knowledge to back the product development for the senior market. It is the most renowned brand in the senior wig market.


Synthetic Full Cap Wig/ Beautiful wavy curls for a gorgeous classic look

Colors: 1, 1B, 2, 4, F1B30, F2315, F4/27, F4/30, 3T280, 3T34, 3T44, 3T5151, Silver


Synthetic Headband Wig, 12″ Long/ Convenient and easy to wear style

Colors: 1, 1B, 2, 4, F1B30, F4/27, F4/30, 280, 34, 44, 51


100% Human Hair Wig/ Easy and versatile styling using heat-styling tools

34 Dark Brown with Gray

Boss wigs are available in light-weight premium synthetic style and soft 100% human hair style. Although not exclusively senior wigs, each style is available in gray colors.


Synthetic wigs, Color #51


100% human hair, Color #44

MH1271 LEA

100% human hair, Color #51


100% human hair, Color #280

Ms. Granny by Hair Plus is a high-quality senior wig line offering secure and comfortable fit with a contoured design as well as tailored fit with adjustable size. Available in various mixtures of gray colors including 1B, Charcoal, Cloud, Hickory, Pearl River, Silver Gray, Urban Gray, and White Gray.


With 100% human hair, this wig collection is for women who desire natural-hair-like gray color and chic cut. Anti-bacterial and breathable mesh cap provides comfort fit, and pop-on-and-go structure allows easy wear. From straight to curl, various colors and styles can satisfy the needs of seniors.

Available colors: natural black/brown, 34, OM280/34/44, OM34/44/51, HL34/51


Trendy Pin Curl Style


Left & Right sides Part Mohawk Style


Romance Short with Swoop Bang


Virtually Undetectable Lace Front Wig

With 100% human hair, this wig collection is for women who desire natural-hair-like gray color and chic cut. Anti-bacterial and breathable mesh cap provides comfort fit, and pop-on-and-go structure allows easy wear. From straight to curl, various colors and styles can satisfy the needs of seniors.

Available colors: natural black/brown, 34, OM280/34/44, OM34/44/51, HL34/51



HD Lace Front Wig/ 4″ Hand-Tied Part/ Extended Nape Style/ 3T51A(Silver Color)


Senior Target Brand Wigs “Ms. Wisdom”

Lace Part Wig/ Silver Colors (3T44A, 3T51A)/ Pre-Set Haie Style/ Golden Style

Boasting the longest history in the senior wig market, it continues to bring various styles. Available in human hair, human hair blend, and synthetic hair; it comes in a wide range of colors.


Human Hair Wig / Shown Color: 1B

Available Colors(8): 1, 1B, 2, 280, 44, 51, SP1B/30, SP430


Human Hair Blend / Shown Color: SP430

Available Colors(18): 1, 1B, 2, 280, 4, 44, F2730, FH RED, FH30, FH363, FH613, SP1B/27, SP1B/30, SP1B/33, SP1B/350, SP1B/530, SP427, SP430


Synthetic Hair Wig /Shown Color: 44

Available Colors(23): 1, 1B, 2, 280, 34, 4, 44, 51, BT7007, BT7008, F2058, F4327, SP1B/27, SP1B/30, SP1B/33, SP1B/350, SP1B/530, SP427, SP430, T27B, T30B, T33B, T530B


Synthetic Hair Wig /Shown Color: F2315

Available Colors(21): 1, 1B, 2, 280, 4, 44, 4C27, 4C30, 4N274, 51, 99J, BT4007, F2315, Nat Brown, Salmon, Sand, Sienna, Snow, SP1B/30, SP427, SP430


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