How to engage increasingly smart customers

How to engage increasingly smart customers

“You need to keep learning.”

Lately, consumers are getting more knowledgeable and sophisticated. There is so much information online, and a lot of professionals share their expert knowledge on social media, which makes the public more knowledgeable. Nowadays, you can come across a layperson with expert-level knowledge quite frequently. As such, beauty supply stores of late do not typically have an item that sells dominantly. Most people know the status of their hair and skin, and they make their purchases based on their preference and styling needs instead of the product packaging or sales associates’ recommendation.

There is only one way to engage today’s consumers: you must have more knowledge than your customers and appeal to them with it. After the long business hour of a beauty supply store, you are too tired to do anything, but in the long run, a few minutes, or hours every day spent on learning expert knowledge could bring great fortune for your business in the future. There are many online courses, so you do not have to travel long distances for high-quality education. Here comes a few major beauty schools in the United States.

In America, you can find a variety of beauty schools and programs. Beauty schools generally refer to the educational institutes that teach beauty-related techniques and knowledge including makeup, hair styling, skincare, nail art, and so on. Here, students can learn essential knowledge and skills and have clinical experience for their careers in the beauty industry.

Different beauty schools offer different programs, but most of them cover the following.



    1. Makeup: makeup techniques from skincare to color theory and makeup applications. They often have courses focused on specific makeup styles and trends.
    2. Hair styling: the curriculum includes cut, color, perm, and bleach among others, and you can learn various styling techniques suitable for different hair types and textures.
    3. Skincare: you can learn skin care techniques including massages and solutions to skin problems, and you will learn various skin care steps and skincare product applications for various skin types.
    4. Nail art: nail care, manicure, pedicure, and nail art designs are some of the subjects in the field of study.

    In addition, beauty schools may teach about running a business, namely customer service, industrial standards, and business operations. Individual schools and programs have their own focus and varying curriculums.



1. Empire Beauty School


Since 1934, countless number of beauty professionals went through Empire Beauty School which offers a wide range of programs including cosmetology, aesthetics, educator training, and nail technology. It has campuses across the country including Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Georgia, New Jersey, and Tennessee.


2. University of Cincinnati – online master’s program


UC runs an online program for a Master of Science in Cosmetic Science. Established in 1973, the program is globally recognized for its study of cosmetic science, professional knowledge, and practical skills through clinical programs. In relation to the research for the development of new cosmetic products, in-depth discussions about the ingredients, benefits, and safety are included in the cosmetic science class. In addition, personal care, hair care, marketing, manufacturing, and packaging, and clinical test are discussed throughout the program. While the course runs 100% online, there is a mandatory week-long intense lab course on campus.


3. FIT Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management


Industry leaders of cosmetics and fragrance, top-level executives, consultants, media experts, research and industry analysts, and chairs of the industry associations deliver the educational program. It mainly focuses on case studies and team projects around product and brand development. Students will deliver a presentation of their research report at the completion of the two-year program. All applicants must have three or more years of work experience in relevant fields.


4. University of North Carolina School of the Arts – wig and makeup design program


The wig and makeup design program at the UNC School of the Arts offers knowledge in diverse fields including wig making and design, hair styling trends over the years, makeup techniques, and molding. It is a great program for career paths including the hair industry, movie and entertainment industry, and so on.


5. Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics


It is an esthetician school that focuses on skincare. The classes cover spa techniques, microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, microcurrent facial treatment, and so on. Over 3,500 massage therapists, and aesthetic physicians went through the school. It has a research partnership with Emory University, dubbed Harvard of the South.

In addition to those established programs, you can actively participate in a lot of regional and community reach programs. Also, workshops and seminars offered at a trade show may be a great way to start. Remember that you will likely open consumers’ pulses only if you know more than them.


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