Hot accessories for this summer reflects the endless Y2K trend

Hot accessories for this summer reflects the endless Y2K trend

Most impulsive buys in beauty supplies are related to fashion accessories. This year, merchandise inspired by barbiecore, denim, vintage, retro, Y2K, and futurism should boost your sales. Take a look at items that will be popular this summer for categories including sunglasses, shoes, bags, and hats, and bring them forward for your store display for the summer vacation season.


Do you remember the fashion trend of 2000?

From 2003 to 2005, the popular reality show “Simple Life” went on 5 seasons starring the heiresses Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. American fashion icon Kim Kardashian has made a debut in the entertainment industry as a cameo friend of Paris Hilton in this show. Paris Hilton’s influence over the fashion industry was such a big deal. This summer, the styles featured in Simple Life in the 2000s come back to life. It’s not just for White people. After 20 years, the racial barrier has largely degraded in fashion. Summer catalogs and new items from brands loved by Black women are filled with the items that had been worn by the duo.


Paris Hilton wearing this year’s hot items, trucker cap and sporty sunglasses

The duo’s outfit evokes this year’s fashion keyword “barbiecore”




Summer cheats! 5 popular sunglasses design

Retro rectangle sunglasses

Designs bringing back the feel of mini sunglasses of ’90s. Mini rectangle sunglasses have been popular for a few seasons already, and their popularity will continue this year.



Oversized frame

Oversized sunglasses are timeless and must-have items for many Black women. The design with straight top and right-angled sides used to be worn frequently by Paris Hilton in the early 2000s.



Colored sunglasses

The Barbie movie hits the box office this year which should bring some pink colors and vibrant gradation colors to the main stage as well as the barbie core trend. Large fashion retailer Forever 21 has a dedicated Barbie collection on sale.



Sporty shades

In the year the first Matrix movie was released, 1999, Brad Pitt wore silver Oakley sunglasses on the red carpet, making the peak of the popularity of sporty sunglasses. This style is also called bug eye, Matrix futuristic, Matrix sunglasses, and wrap-arounds. This futuristic design is not only stylish but also great for outdoor activities.



Rimless sunglasses

Rimless gradient sunglasses were used to be essential items for trend setters in the early 2000s. Paris Hilton, Lil Kim and Britney Spears brought this item to the mainstream, and they are back this summer. You can style various colors of them with your outfit.




You can’t talk about vacation without hats and bags

Trucker caps

Trucker caps became a trend after Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie wore them in the reality show in early 2000s. They differ from baseball caps with the mesh back for air circulation, and baseball caps are usually made of cotton or wool. Trucker hats brought Von Dutch and Ed Hardy to fame, and they were truly the must-have items in the Y2K era.



Coastal cowgirl

One of the trending style keywords of this year on TikTok is Coastal cowgirl. The view count has already hit 7.4 billion, and its continued popularity is largely affected by the popular Western TV series Yellowstone on Paramount. Straw hats, denim and fringe hats are getting popular as we approach the summer vacation season.



Bucket hat

Bucket hats are also a trend affected by Y2K of 2000s, and those with fringe and designs go well with barbie care are expected to be popular.



Crossbody bags and belt bags

Crossbody bags go great with denim, cargo pants, crop tops, and sporty looks that are popular this year. Today’s fashion with leggings and training suits on trend calls for these highly versatile design that can fit all your travel accessories. Crossbody bags with small pouches are in trend. #belt bag and #crossbodybag tags have garnered more than 200 million views on TikTok each.





Mini shoulder bags

In the early 2000s, Paris Hilton’s mini shoulder bags became a mega hit. This year’s popular colors include metallic and pink, the Bratz doll style that was popular among teens in 2001 and designs inspired by the luxury brand Dior are hot.



Crochet tote bags

The honor of This Year’s Tote Bag should go to crochet tote bags. Luxury brands including Prada, Khaite, and Celine showcased Raffia bag designs for their 2023 collection. These high end luxury items are made of Raffia fabric, which is very costly, and the low to mid-priced products in the market are actually made of other fabrics with similar feeling.





Platform slides

This year, flip flops with high foot beds are in trend. For sandals, casual styles with sling backs are popular. Black women who desire dramatic and showy design usually go with fur, bright colors, and metallic designs along with anklets.



Pillow slides

Comfortable like a pillow, these pillow slides are often called cloud slides for its heavenly comfort. They are 2023 versions of Nike and Adidas slides worn by athletes in the 2000s and 2010s. Made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (or EVA), these soft shoes became an instant hit on TikTok. For Black consumers who prefer bold design, bubble slides with ultra thick soles are popular. The popular hits of Crocs in 2022 are still going strong this year with its convenience on the beach for getting dry quickly.




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