Hairstyles that are all the rage these days! Have you heard of the Skunk Stripe?

Hairstyles that are all the rage these days!

Have you heard of the Skunk Stripe?



For a while, hair color has been dominated by dyeing techniques such as ombré and balayage. These techniques produce naturally flowing colors that are associated with femininity and luxury, but skunk stripes are the exact opposite, creating a strong and unique style. According to Spate, a consumer trend data aggregation platform, monthly searches for “skunk streaked hair” have increased by 793% in the last year alone. Lately, pink skunk stripes are also getting a lot of attention, largely due to the rise of the Barbie style as a fashion icon. Many skunk-stripe coloring techniques are spreading across social media, and they are often seen on K-pop stars in addition to American celebrities.

Skunk striping is a technique where you quite literally dye your hair with chunky, thick highlights like the animal skunk. It’s a hairstyle that stands out, and its unique and personalized look brings a cool, edgy feel.The most popular skunk stripe style is contrasting platinum blonde or white against a dark base color, but there are many different ways to apply it depending on your personality and color preferences. Additionally, it’s a great way to make a statement by drawing people’s attention to your face. The skunk stripe trend is said to have originated from Cindy Crawford’s hairdo in the 90s, and Bella Hadid’s blonde skunk stripe and Billie Eilish’s green skunk stripe are some of the more recent inspirations for skunk stripes.



1. Feminine Pink Skunk Stripe Hair

While the classic skunk stripe hair is a contrast of black and blonde, a bright and feminine pink stripe can create a soft and loving look.

The great advantage of skunk stripes is that you’re not dyeing your entire hair, so you have the freedom to experiment with the colors you want.

Since it’s partially colored, you can also minimize hair damage.


How to: Hot Pink Stripe Skunk Patch| Ashimary Hair
Credit: Natasha S. @youtube




2. Skunk Stripes For Edgy Curly Hair

While most skunk stripe styles look best on straight hair, curly hair can also be styled into a sleek and clean skunk stripe. For curly hair, bold and chunky colors in contrast are much more vibrant and eye-catching than striping hair strand by strand. For curly hair, the more contrast between colors, the more edgy the look.


Skunk Stripe Trend on Natural Hair #SKUNKSTRIPE
Credit: The Style News Network@youtube



3. Green Skunk Stripes Beyond Your Imagination

Dying your hair strand by strand in green can look messy and hardly makes a statement, but when done in skunk stripes, green can add interest to a mundane hair color, and because it’s a bold choice, it can make you feel confident and unique. The green color adds a touch of sophistication to the basic black hair. It typically works better with straight or body-wave styles than curly hair.


Green Skunk Stripe Wig | Beauty Forever Hair Body Wave
Credit: Love Reesie @youtube



4. Short Skunk Stripe With Character

If you’ve been wearing skunk stripes with a long hairstyle, it’s time to try them in a short hairdo. A skunk stripe on a short cut style that gives a clean, chic look is a great way to create a modern and edgier look. Depending on where you put the bold stripe, you can get a completely new look.


Skunk Stripe Pixie Cut
Credit: MsDaintydiana29



5. Inherent Beauty: Natural Hair Skunk Stripe

Wearing a skunk-stripe color with your natural hair texture is a great way to bring out your natural texture to the ultimate display. Especially for African American women, keeping the textured hair intact and adding a strong contrast of silver or white with black can create a sophisticated and unique look.


Men’s Hair Color Transformation | Black to Brown Patch!
Credit: Naomi Rose



6. Skunk Stripe With A Blonde Base Color

If you’ve been dyeing your skunk stripes on a dark brown, natural, or black base color, it’s time to get bold and try a skunk stripe on platinum blonde or blonde base. It can cause a lot of damage to your hair, but there’s nothing quite as striking and gorgeous as blond color. Let’s add another bold color to this already eye-catching color to complete an ultimate party look.


Strawberry Chocolate Skunk Stripe Hair | Frontal Wig Install | Start to Finish
Credit: Young Africana @youtube



7. Try Something New: Reverse Skunk Stripe

Reverse skunk stripe hair, which has been making the rounds on TikTok and Instagram lately, gets its name from the fact that the lighter colors are placed on the bottom instead of the top. It’s also called underneath skunk hair because the hair underneath your head is dyed. While the original skunk stripe puts light colored streaks on top of dark hair, the reverse skunk hair has the color on the bottom, making it more attractive with your hair tied up or revealing only a portion of the bottom hair. If you want to go chunky colors but don’t feel comfortable adding bright colors, try this method.


Photo credit: @CUTLERSALON



8. Half-And-Half Skunk Stripe With Strong Character

This is a bolder take on the traditional skunk stripe method. If the reverse skunk stripe was a technique where the bottom is dyed for half and half colors, this method refers to a style where the top is dyed in different colors side by side so that each side is a different color. The most classic method is to dye your hair half blonde and half black, but you can play around with contrasting colors depending on your personality.


Half + Half Wig Ft. Dsoar Hair || Ariana.Ava
Credit: ARIANA.AVA@youtube



9. Neutral Skunk Stripes

If you’ve tried skunk stripes in contrasting and unique colors, it’s time to try a more natural look that might not look like skunk stripes at all. A natural approach is to tone it down and let it blend in with the base color. For thicker stripes, you can go with a shade or two levels lighter than your original hair color for a natural, soft look.


*New* Summer Style | Chocolate Brown + Blonde Skunk Stripe | Minimal Baby Hairs | Arabella Hair
Credit: TyeStylez


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