Hair Trends for the End of the Year 2023

Hair Trends for the End of the Year 2023



90s hair salon style

Among the fashion keywords of this year, Y2K stands out. The ’90s was a time of cultural development, and there were many styles that made fundamental changes to African American women’s style. Fascinated by the 90s style, Gen Zs are reinventing the styles that were popular back then with a modern twist. Typical retro styles include updos, half up half down, and swoop bangs, with such colorful features that make you feel like you are in a Bronner Brothers’ hair show.

The cover image for Cardi B’s latest album, Jealousy, also features a 90s-inspired hairstyle.@iamcardi Instagram

Hip-hop artist Saweetie’s concept for New York Fashion Week 2023 was inspired by the artwork on the walls of a 90s hair salon. @saweetie Instagram



Variations for 90s’ favorite styles

@dolledbyzendy  TickTok Prom pin up with bang

@dolledbyzendy Instagram Half up half down & Swoop bang

@misstrishlyn pinterest Half up half down with two bangs


Bob hair

Bob hair is probably what you see most often on social media and in celebrities’ new feeds. Popular bob hairs include short bob, layered and blunt bob, angular bob,  shoulder-length bob, and bob with bangs. Bob styles make a sophisticated styling choice that requires relatively little maintenance without breaking the bank.

@misstrishlyn pinterest Half up half down with two bangs

@glammebytracey Instagram Short bob style with a wispy bang          Angled bob

@aaliyahjay Instagram Shoulder-length blunt bob




Curly braids in different styles

This year’s holiday braid trend will be definitely the French curl.

Start with a box braid, and you leave only a few inches of voluminous waves at the ends. Millennials remember this style as Brandy’s or Destiny Child’s Beyoncé’s. Nowadays, you often mix two or three colors to create an ombré effect and may add accessories. The combination of curls and braids, in addition to French curls, is popular in general.

@fula_beauty Instagram Knotless French curl braid

@laysialbayrak Instagram Fulani braid

@maneaddicts Instagram French curl with ribbon



Partial highlights

Partial highlights are any highlight coloring on part of braids, wigs, baby hair, and so on. You can also dye the roots of a wig for a personalized look. Hair companies are continuously moving away from the traditional blond and black highlight combinations and introducing partially highlighted wigs and braids in a variety of colors, including gray, pink, red, and blue.


@misstrishlyn pinterest

@$$pretty.bandzz pinterest




Ginger & Cowboy Copper Hair Color

Arguably, the hottest new rapper in 2023 is Ice Spice. Ginger is her signature color, and Ariel, the main character in this year’s hit movie The Little Mermaid, was also ginger. Their popularity, combined with the season of falling leaves, made ginger the hair color trend of the year.

@icespice Instagram 래퍼 아이스 스파이스의 진저 컬러

@graceekitoko Instagram 바운시 컬의 진저 헤어

@hallebailey Twitter 배우 할리 베일리의 코퍼 컬러 헤어




Curly hair tendrils

Just like all the other ’90s hairstyles we mentioned, this style is also inspired by Y2K. You pull some hair out in little strips to create a cute and unique look. You can braid just the bangs or part the hair in zigzag. Try recommending it to someone with type 3C or 4A hair.

@curlelia Ticktok


@_dekaaa_ Instagram


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