Hair Trends: 4 Keywords to Boost Your Sales

Hair Trends:
4 Keywords to Boost Your Sales

In a world that’s changing day by day, the beauty industry can’t keep up with consumer demands if it doesn’t stay on top of fast-moving fashion trends. Beauty supply stores are no exception. Beauty supply stores are home to all the makeup, hairstyles, and accessories that women are most sensitive about, so you need to stay on top of trends more than any other business to increase your store’s sales. Let’s take a look at some of the trends and developments in the black beauty industry that have stood out this year.


1. Interest in sustainability

Sustainability has been a buzzword across the industries for years, and it’s made big waves in the hair and beauty industry. For example, a hair care brand that cares for black women’s naturally curly hair in the most natural way possible has become popular in the market. The natural hair movement, which started with the motto that natural hair is the most beautiful, also instilled in us the conviction that taking care of ourselves with natural products without resorting to chemicals can save the planet. Flora & Curl, a black-owned hair care brand, is using eco-friendly product boxes and recyclable aluminum bottles instead of traditional plastic bottles to promote sustainability and stay true to its brand image.

Flora & Curl is a black-owned brand that uses clean ingredients in eco-friendly containers free of harmful chemicals. We similar brands continue to grow in popularity.



2. Men’s hair care products are taking center stage

In addition to the growth of Korean, K-beauty products, men’s makeup products have seen the most prominent growth lately. This shift in paradigm is beginning to impact the men’s beauty industry globally. In the black beauty industry, men’s hair care products have experienced outstanding growth. Statistics show that men’s grooming is expected to continue growing through 2028. Cantu, a brand that’s ubiquitous in beauty supply stores, made a big splash when it launched a men’s product line called Cantu Men. We expect to see more brands exclusively for men’s hair care.

Hair care videos from a YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers. This video explains how to use a leave-in conditioner to style your curls quickly and naturally.



3. Protective style is all the rage

Along with the interest in sustainability, there is an ever-increasing interest in protective styles. A protective style is exactly what it sounds like: a hairstyle that protects the hair and scalp, usually braids, wigs, twists, or locs, giving the hair and scalp a break from constant styling, combing, and scalp pulling, which overall contribute to hair health. We expect to see more hair products and hair care products designed around protective styles in the future.

A how-to video for a twist hairdo, one of the most popular protective styles.



4. Healthy straightening, a relaxer’s innocent transformation

Relaxer products that have raised concerns for their harsh chemicals are giving way to relaxers with more natural ingredients. In fact, more than 7,000 consumers have joined in lawsuits against companies behind relaxers, alleging that the chemicals in them cause cancer. In the wake of these events, relaxer companies are scrambling to develop products that are harmless to humans, and experts predict that the relaxer market will soon be dominated by alternative methods to straighten hair including “texture release” or techniques like “silk pressing” using hair straighteners.

This video introduces a healthier way to straighten hair using a silk press without harmful chemicals.




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