Hair Pieces to Bring Peace to Your Off-Season Sales


As we approach the off-season during the economic downturn, retailers scramble to save themselves. Some stores operate in survival mode, stocking their shelves only with pre-existing inventory while cutting back new orders, while others do the opposite and stock up more aggressively than ever. There are widely different schools of thought in management. However, it is easy to find yourself in a vicious cycle of not having enough merchandise, which leads to less customers, which leads to even less goods for sale. So what products should you fill your store with in the off-season? When it comes to hair products, hair pieces are easy-to-order for your business and easy-to-use for your customers. For retail business owners wondering what hair to sell in the summer, we’ve compiled a list of hair pieces recommended by brands.


The Keyword for Summer hair is “Quick and Easy”

Beauty supply customers don’t give up their hair just because it’s hot. Still, instead of a wig, they may prefer a braid or even more quick and easy products. In fact, our consumer trend analysis over the past three years shows that hair pieces like ponytails and buns are especially popular during the summer months of June through August.


The reason these products are so popular is simple. They are quick and easy for everyone. In the summer, when temperatures and humidity are high, no one wants to wear long hair covering their shoulders or spend hours styling it. A ponytail or bun is a great alternative as it keeps the summer heat at bay and tames frizzy hair in minutes. Here are some of the benefits you should emphasize to your customers.

– it can transform short or dry hair into a fuller, bouncy look in a short amount of time. They’re easy to style with a drawstring, wrap, or other means to attach, and they usually have a comb to keep them securely in place, so they stay put even if you have an active lifestyle.

– not only does it protect your hair from heat and sweat, but it’s also great for natural hair that is sensitive to humidity. It controls frizz, prevents your scalp from getting greasy and dirty from sweat, and keeps your hair looking fresh without washing it often.

– while it can be time-consuming and expensive to grow or extend your hair to the length and thickness you want using expensive hair products, a ponytail or bun is an inexpensive option to temporarily add volume and length to your hair. No maintenance is necessary except proper cleaning, with which they can last for more than a year.

– from high and sleek to low and messy, from sporty to elegant styles with ornaments, there are endless possibilities. It’s also perfect for today’s consumers who want something easy, fast and stylish.

With these in mind, hair companies are introducing a wide variety of designs, colors, lengths, and textures of hair pieces targeting different age groups.


But if summer hair styling is all about simplicity, we have another product to add to the list. Clip-in extensions are a new trend in the market that started to take hold during the pandemic with the DIY hair styling trend.

While the hair extension market has been traditionally dominated by weaving products that require time and laborious work with glue or sewing, clip-in extensions are more like hairpieces in that they can be attached and removed quickly and easily by yourself. Unlike ponytails and buns, clip-in extensions use a high percentage of human hair, making them a great choice for customers who prefer a high-end, natural hairstyle. Human hair extensions in particular have the advantage of withstanding perm, color, and heat well, giving customers a high degree of freedom in styling.

1 STEP Part hair horizontally starting from the nape area. Section off 1 inch of hair and clip your remaining hair out of the way.
2 STEP Select the clip-in weft that will best fit the section. Along the parted area, attach clips securely to the roots of your hair.
3 STEP Release the hair that was held out of the way, create a new part and repeat step 2. Continue to add wefts until desired style is achieved.
TIP How to make the clip hold on to your hair. Twist a small amount of hair and tease it with a comb. This ensures the clip is securely clipped in.



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