From Amazon Best Sellers, the latest wig trends

From Amazon Best Sellers,

the latest wig trends

Studying Amazon’s best-selling products is a great way to understand the up-to-date consumer trends. What are the best-selling wigs on Amazon, the largest online retail platform? Finding products at your wholesale suppliers that are similar to the popular wigs with great reviews on Amazon and stocking them well ahead of the competition will surely help your sales.

1.  Big curl with bang

This product includes a comb, wig cap, and earrings in the wig package. In particular, the thick curls in the shoulder length give a feminine and youthful look. It is made of synthetic fiber, and the hair length is about 14 inches long. Thick, bouncy curls are perfect for everyday wear as well as for parties and the upcoming holiday season. You can cut it to fit your face to create a more natural curl. The product has received positive reviews from over 10,000 customers on Amazon.



2. Deep wave lace front wig

Made from human hair, this lace wig has natural-looking baby hair and features an adjustable strap and 4 combs for glueless wear. It’s pre-plucked, so the baby hair is very natural looking. You can extend your hair up to 30 inches, giving you the freedom to style it in a ponytail or bun. This product also has over 10,000 reviews.



3. Body wave human hair lace front wig

Made of human hair, it can be dyed or curled with a curling iron. These products feature long and feminine body wave with natural flow and are available in lengths from 16-30 inches, and the baby hair looks so natural that people won’t be able to tell if you’re wearing a wig. It is rated 4.2 out of 5 in Amazon customer reviews.



4. Loose wave with bang

While lace front wigs are all the rage, regular wigs in trendy styles can look great without looking unnatural if you cut the bangs to fit your facial contour. The 24-inch length and loose, flowing waves can maximize your feminine side. It has a 4 out of 5 rating from 6,000 reviews.



5. Blunt cut mid length wig

This is a 100% synthetic wig with no bangs in the front. A blunt, straight cut creates a trendy look, and 14″-length black color products are the best selling items. This product is curling iron safe up to 160 degrees, and because it has no lace in the front, we recommend blending the front with your own hair for a natural look. This product also has over 5,000 reviews.



6. Bob style wave with bang

This is a regular wig with a 10-inch length and bangs, and natural colors like brown are more popular than black. If the part area doesn’t match your skin color, they recommend using a foundation to match the tone. It’s perfect for women who want a short but feminine hairstyle and has nearly 6,000 reviews.



7. Pixie cut human hair wig

This is a short cut product with natural layers and curls. Made of human hair, It can be curled or dyed, and while it comes in a variety of colors, the light brown color shown in the picture is the best seller. It’s a popular product with 8,000 reviews.



8. Mid length straight wig with bang

This synthetic wig is about 14 inches long and made of heat-resistant synthetic fibers that can be curled. It’s a straight, shoulder-length style boasting a feminine appeal, and the bang is not overly thick but just right for a natural look. Rather than solid black colors, brown strips on a black background are the most popular colors. This is one of the top selling products on Amazon and so far reviewed by 13,000 consumers.



9. Body wave with headband wig

Inspired by a half-wig, this product is about 30 inches long and comes with a choice of scarf designs in the front. The wig can be styled to a bun or ponytail, as shown in the photo, and the front of the wig is made of a band. The kit includes a headband and a scarf. It can be worn naturally no matter what your hair color or texture is, and it’s easy to wear for beginners and comes in a variety of lengths. The 4.3 out of 5 rating from 45,000 reviews speaks to the product’s popularity.



10. Human hair deep wave wig with headband

Made with 100% human hair, this headband wig is characterized by a soft and natural texture despite its deep wave. They are available in lengths from 10-28 inches. An adjustable strap is built-in to the wig’s circumference for a comfortable fit and 4 built-in combs keep it from falling out. It can be dyed or curled, and a scarf is included in the package. The ease of wear is a big plus, and it has a great rating of 4.3 and over 6,000 reviews.



11. Steady seller, Afro wig

It’s about 16 inches long and is made to closely resemble the texture of African American women’s natural hair, rendering a sexy and cute look. They can be worn with a variety of outfits and accessories to create a unique look in addition to a daily look. The bangs don’t require additional blending, and they are easy to wear and lightweight. Styling tips, videos, and positive reviews from over 5,000 consumers attest to the product’s popularity.



12. Bob style loose wave wig

Overall black with brown strips, this is a shoulder-length bob style wig with layered, loose waves for a feminine look. The bang should be cut to fit your face, and while there are a variety of colors to choose from, choosing a color that doesn’t stand out too much is the best way to get the most out of this wig. Made of curl-able raw fiber, the hair length is about 16 inches. It has a 4.2 out of 5 rating on Amazon, with nearly 8,000 consumers leaving positive reviews.



13. Human hair long deep wave lace front wig

Made from human hair, this product is characterized by its soft texture and natural-looking hair. The baby hair can be cut to fit your style, and the discreet lace and the hand-plucked front creates a natural hairline. A deep lace, approximately 4 inches, gives a natural look to the part. Over 3,000 consumers have left reviews, and it has the highest Amazon rating of 4.6 in the wig products.




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