Follow me! Wig Influencers’ Secret Guide



Follow me! Wig Influencers’ Secret Guide


As more young people start to wear wigs, younger wig influencers have become more prominent. They drastically grew in popularity, sharing genuine tips on different types of wigs and how to style them, and they are becoming wig evangelists, with wig companies actively engaging in collaborations with them. If you learn their unique styling tips from their videos, it might help you sell more wigs. Let’s take a look at wig influencers who are particularly popular on YouTube.





A YouTuber, who has garnered over 3 million views for her wig videos alone, teaches how to dye wigs blue and how to wear electric blue and other neon colors effortlessly. Rather than using off-the-shelf wigs, she creates her own wigs to create different looks.

Let’ S Make a Wig | Electric Blue




As one of the top wig influencers, she has 1.18 million subscribers who have shown interest in her teaching of new perception of wigs and how to style them easily through various tutorials and more. Some people say, “if you wear a wig and you don’t know her, you’re not from the earth.” If you’re interested in wearing a wig on a daily basis, there are plenty of helpful videos that you should check out.

I Went Completely Blonde! Perfect Blonde for Brown Skin Plus My Current Lacewig Installation Process




Popular among wig influencers and content creators, Ivy has made a big splash with her signature flip over method. The video has garnered over 1.8M views. Her wig videos focus on how to wear wigs naturally in everyday life.

♡ The NEW Flip Over Method !! ft. Ondibu Hair | TUTORIAL




Arnell’s YouTube channel is a great place to find wig reviews and tutorials together. If you’re not sure what products you should buy to make your own wig, Check out Armell’s channel first. The channel currently has 91 million subscribers.

beginner friendly closure curly wig install | arnellarmon x nadula Hair




Aaliyah Jay has all the information you need on how to make a lace wig disappear on your head. You can find very detailed tutorials that even wig beginners can follow. Make sure to check out her videos especially if you want to know the proper way of using lace front / full lace wigs. Currently 1.58M people subscribed to the channel.

EASY Invisble Lace Wig Install – Tips & tricks for beginners | AALIYAHJAY




Britney (@TheHeartandCake90) tells people who are reluctant to buy an expensive wig how to make a use of inexpensive wig instead. From tips on how to save money on beauty and hair products to how to blend them in with your natural hair, her channel will help you make wigs more accessible in your everyday life. She also has a lot of videos where she wears and reviews products from different wig companies.

Pt. 2| AMAZON HEADBAND HAUL! & Very Chatty Synthetic Half Wig Try on | TheHeartsandCake90




She offers a very detailed and easy-to-understand explanation of how to blend half-wig products with your natural hair. Watching her videos, you may feel like as if she is not wearing a wig at all. Especially the way she styles her curly baby hair to match the texture of the wig is noteworthy.





Chrissy Cousin has over 50 videos that include reviews of her favorite hair companies and tutorials on wigs. Chrissy started with uploading instructional videos on different wig-making techniques and now offers easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorials, especially on how to make natural, seamless lace wigs.

BEGINNER FRIENDLY BANGS! | *Start to Finish* HD Lace Wig Install ft Nadula Hair




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