Fashion items to boost sales this winter

Fashion items to boost sales this winter


This year was quite eventful with Y2K fashion craze, and we’ll still be fully embracing some of the early 2000s’ popular fashion accessories at the end of the year. Look at some of the hottest new products by category that are sure to catch the eye of beauty supply shoppers who love to put on splendid products and boost your holiday sales.


Layered chain belt & chrome metallic belt

– The chain belt was a favorite of Destiny’s Child, Christina Aguilera, and Britney Spears in the late 90s and early 2000s, and it’s back this year with a new twist.

– Chrome metallic belts, usually with a large buckle, were very popular in the late ’90s and look great with low-rise jeans and can be styled as double belts.

– Corset belts for slimmer waist and thicker belts on the waist are also making a comeback in the F/W 2023 collections and can be worn with sweater dresses, shirts, t-shirts, and more.






Originating from early 80s dance wear, legwarmers are making a comeback this year with the “ballet core” trend. Legwarmers are a great fashion item because they can be paired with any style of footwear, including slippers, Crocs, boots, sneakers, ballet flats, and Mary Jane shoes, while keeping you warm in cold weather.





Furry earmuffs & graphic beanies

Colorful winter items are all the rage thanks to the “Aliyah core,” a style created by the Y2K fashion influencer. Earmuffs come in colorful designs and a variety of colors while beanies come in colorful graphic, and balaclavas and ski masks, revealing only face, are the hot items for this winter.





Ugg style slipper boots & nylon snow boots

– The combination of UGG-style slippers and legwarmers is a hot trend. You can coordinate with basic white color slouchy socks or legwarmers from above. A stitched design on the top of the slipper (known as the UGG Tasman style) is the most popular, and furry slippers are also popular.

– The nylon snow boot style was designed by a brand called Moon Boots, inspired by astronauts landing on the moon, and is currently very popular among celebrities and influencers. Not only are they iconic, but they’re also functional, keeping you warm in the cold winter months.




Rhinestone drops earrings & cross pendant

– Jewelry is back with a trend that’s even more glamorous than last winter. Drastically dangling drop earrings and necklaces and anklets designed with bold rhinestones for an icy look are a hot new trend.

– Gothic cross pendant necklaces and rosaries are also among the hot new products inspired by the 2000s.





Ribbon accessories & hair clips

– With the rise of “Ballet core” and “Coquette Core,” ribbon accessories are gaining traction. You can use a small pin as an accent accessory or tie a long ribbon knot in your hair for a feminine and glamorous look.

– The ‘claw clip’ hairstyle is back in vogue with hair clips available in a variety of designs, and this item is also inspired by 90s fashion. Chain, beads, and ribbon hair clips are among the designs that stand out this year.





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