Elegance for women in their 60s Senior hairstyle suggestions

Elegance for women in their 60s

Senior hairstyle suggestions


When it comes to hairstyles for women in their 60s and over, you need to focus on keeping their hair healthy instead of styling to look younger. The key is to have classical elegance in addition to keeping in touch with the trend. Here are hairstyles that you can recommend to women in their 60s.

Feminine and simple, halo braid

Halo braid is not only easy to style but great for saving time and money. Above all, it is a great protective style for your scalp and hair, perfect for women over 60. It accommodates various braiding thicknesses and placement regardless of hair texture, and you can style it for a casual look, a party look, and more with hair accessories.


Chic and mature look, taper cut

Taper cut is timeless and a great hairstyle to complete a trendy and chic look. Taper cut is best for women with thick, full, and naturally curly hair, and you will be wanting to maintain wet and silky hair for a tidy look. You can vary hair color and curl for a new style that is right for the time and place.



The trendy style, dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are often associated with being young, but dreadlocks styles require less maintenance and time, a perfect combination for women over 60. It is also a protective style good for scalp and hair, especially for women with short hair. As opposed to other styles, it gives a more active and vibrant feel, so it is great for women over 60 who want to stay active.



Quick and easy style, wigs

In the old days, wigs were reserved for senior women with hair loss. However, lace fronts broke the barrier for younger women who are showing more interest in wigs and finding innovative uses for wigs. This trend is here to stay as a senior fashion staple, and styling with wigs for women over 60 is becoming more popular than ever.


Natural and intact, TWA

Teeny Weenie Afro, or TWA, is a natural hairstyle using your own hair to create a short afro hairdo. It lets you utilize your natural texture and curl for one of the most natural hairstyles, and the essence is capturing your bouncy curls and hair texture. As it can reduce damages to the scalp and hair, it may be easily the best hairstyle for women over 60. You can add color or hair accessories to create your own unique look.



Elegant maturity, curl/wave styles

Women of any age can wear curls, but women over 60 should use non-damaging, moderate heat methods to create curls, such as sponge rollers. You can apply a moderate heat to hair with a hair dryer or a flat iron, roll the straightened hair with sponge rollers, and wake up in the morning with voluminous hair curls.


Chic and polished, pixie cut

While being on the side of quick and easy-to-maintain style, this hairstyle is all about chicness. It is great for the women over 60 who are suffering from hair loss or weakened hair. You can style variously per hair texture, curl, color, and length.



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