Display Racks: Secret of Retail Success Hidden in Plain Sight

Display Racks: Secret of Retail Success Hidden in Plain Sight


Display racks in beauty supply stores play an important role in attracting customers and showcasing products. Racks, especially those incorporating design elements, create a visually interesting environment, making the whole atmosphere of the store livelier. They’re fully functional and have a positive impact on sales, so they can be a workhorse to constantly help boost revenue if utilized properly. Let’s learn about the different types of display racks that you can utilize in your store and their benefits.


Distinguishing racks from shelving

Shelving Racks
Structure Primarily semi-open structure, consisting of multiple shelves or compartments Open frame structure, with multiple shelves or hooks on a frame made of metal or wood
Use Display or showcase Hanging or placing merchandise on
Objective To be easily accessible. Focus on organization. Easy to take out and put in.  Enable displays matching store themes

1. Rotating display racks

It saves space and allows you to see a lot of products at a glance. When placed along the shopping path, your customers can skim through multiple products without much effort. When placed away from the regular shelves, it creates a psychological sense of urgency for customers and encourages impulse purchases. Rotating racks with design elements act as decorations and set the tone of the store for seasonal display. It’s important that your rotating display racks are visually cohesive. Unless it’s for a special season, it’s a good idea to stick to one brand or item, sorted by colors and sizes. Since it’s usually located in high traffic areas, it’s a good idea to buy something that’s inexpensive and doesn’t require extensive investment.


2. Wall-mounted racks

It’s a great way to maximize your store space. An entire wall can be used to display accessories or smaller goods, while a multi-tiered rack can keep a variety of products neatly organized. You can easily make design changes, providing flexibility for your store layout. Even a small quantity of goods can create the illusion of visual fullness. Since they take up space on the wall, it’s essential to match the color, size, and length to avoid cluttering the store. You can choose the size and color of your hooks and racks to create a unique feel. It’s also important to place the right number of products to facilitate inventory management and keep them stocked so that you don’t have empty spots for long.


3. Acrylic racks

Acrylic is used in a variety of industries because it has a modern, clean look. In the beauty industry, they’ve been used to display cosmetics, accessories, and miscellaneous items like sunglasses, but their use is expanding. They are often used in salons to hold hairpieces, in beauty supplies to show hair color samples, and in wigs to store and display wigs, as they have the advantage of showing the color of the product well. Acrylic racks need to be clean and clear to be effective. You need to be careful not to crack it and watch out for handprints and smudges. It should be placed in a well-lit area to give it a modern look and reflect the light, which can make the product appear brighter and more attractive.


4. Mobile display racks

Useful for highlighting promotional products or newly released items. The wheels give you the flexibility to easily reposition it within your store, and it’s a great way to consistently update your store layout. Equipped with multiple shelves and hooks, you can display a variety of products. You may easily organize sections centered around specific products or themes, which are great for attracting customers’ attention and encouraging them to make a purchase. When choosing a location, walk back and forth to make sure there are no obstructions, and place it so it doesn’t block other products or get in the way. You should also pay attention to not to obstruct escape routes in the event of a fire or emergency. Once you’ve positioned it, secure the wheels to make sure it doesn’t move and double-check it to prevent any safety issues.


5. Tabletop display racks

Tables of different heights and sizes can be combined to create unique displays that can be used as focal points in your store. A tabletop display rack at the entrance of your store can be a great way to showcase seasonal items and favorites at a glance, instantly grabbing customers’ attention. The diverse layouts give you the flexibility to match your product’s features and theme and make it easy for customers to access your products and encourage them to buy. Instead of putting up as many products as possible, think of them as decorative pieces that focus on a concept or theme of the store display and place a moderate number of products. In addition to products, you can add other props like dolls, flowers, balloons, mannequins, and more to give your store a unique look.

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