Dimensional and mysterious in essence Here comes this summer’s popular makeup.


Dimensional and mysterious in essence

Here comes this summer’s popular makeup.

This summer, we expect the popularity of makeup that brings dimension and mystique with glossy lips and pearls on the cheekbone and the nose tip. Since last year, famous influencers on TikTok and Instagram have shown off these makeup styles. In addition, the 90s smoky eye makeup highlighting the dark eyeliner and underline will keep trending.


1. Cool tone over warm tone for eyeshadows

While the feminine pink, apricot, and orange colors have dominated the eyeshadows, this summer will see the rise of smoky gray and dusty and for pink, deep-toned cool tone colors. If coral and pink color clothes and gold accessories go well with you, you should wear warm-toned makeup. On the other hand, if you wear pastel tone color clothes and silver accessories often, you should try cool-toned makeup. Mauve pink, lilac, and deep purple are the top cool-toned colors.

YouTube creator showing off her cool-toned makeup ©Emma Fleming Youtube


2. Pearl highlighter on cheekbones

One of the most popular makeup styles for this summer would be the dimensional and mysterious look made with pearls on the cheekbone. Pearl makeup comes in two kinds.

One in powder form, and the other in liquid. You can also find a stick-type product. If you want a natural-looking wet touch, you should use liquid highlighters, but if you want a matte and sophisticated look, powder highlighter is the answer. If you apply some between your eyes and nose bridge, you can create a deeper dimension when it reflects light rendering facial features more defined.

Dimension is created with bronzers and highlighters ©Ale Jay Youtube


3. Blusher before the foundation

It used to be the rule of thumb to apply a blusher on top of the makeup foundation. This year, the technique called under-painting is trending where facial contour (creating a shadow on the facial outline) or blusher goes underneaththe foundation. This creates a more effortless and natural look while creating the shadowing effect with the blusher. Simply put, you just reverse the order of makeup.

Instruction on under-painting technique for a natural skin look © ARIELL ASH Youtube


4.  Hiding your eyebrow is the trend

Just last year, the trend was to emphasize the eyebrows, but this summer, it will be the opposite where you hide your eyebrow with a concealer or the like. Some of the celebrities went further and bleached their eyebrows for a concealed look, but for average people, it would be much easier to simply apply concealer over the eyebrowsto hide the color during makeup. This look is commonly called a bleached brow. Following the trend, you can now find various light-colored concealers specially formulated for eyebrows at a store.

YouTuber explains how to use makeup products for bleached brows ©Misa Laraine Youtube


5. Y2K makeup for retro

The most iconic makeup style in the 90s would be the brown eyeshadows with deep eyeliner and pale skin color. Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz wore a violet color eyeshadow that has a light purple and brown undertone that looked almost like black eyes in the 90s. These retro-style Y2K makeups should be popular this summer. Glossy lipsticks and deep and dark eyeliner will make a re-appearance, which should bring the old makeup techniques back to life.

Explaining 90’s makeup based on smoky makeup and nude lipsticks ©Gabriella Lascano Youtube


6. Siren eye with elongated eyeliner

If you pick only one eye makeup that is most popular nowadays, it might be siren eyes. Here, siren refers to the mythical female creature who is alluring but also dangerous. Making hot trend on social media among TikTokers and celebrities, this eyeliner technique is similar to the traditional cat’s eye makeup. Using matte black eyeliner, you draw eyeliner along the lash line and draw a long line extending the eyelines outward using a liquid eyeliner.

Explaining siren eye makeup ©Tiffany Jones Youtube


7. Clean girl makeup

Currently, there is a great contrast of makeup on social media. One is the exaggerated maximalist makeup technique, and the other is the clean girl makeup, which is leaning towards no makeup. This summer, it is highly anticipated that clean girl makeup should surpass maximalist makeup in popularity. It is based on glossy and wet skin and a neat hairdo with defined eyelashes and natural eyebrows, finished with lip gloss. An innocent and clear nude makeup can be made very natural looking if you maximize the natural tone of your own skin.

Clean girl makeup techniques for vaguely nude makeup ©MsAaliyahJay Youtube


8. Glitter makeup

Also known as disco makeup, glitter makeups belong to the maximalist makeup. While clean girl makeup is popular these days, exaggerated disco makeup is also likely to hit this summer’s makeup market. If you use silver tone glitters, you can make your eyes appear cool, and you can match it up with a cool-toned eyeshadow for a trendy look. If you want a natural-looking disco look, you should go with a natural lip, and applying similar toned glitters for a special occasion would complete a trendy disco look.

Glamorous glitter makeup completed with silver and cool toned glitter. ©Lashay’s Glamz Youtube


9. Pentone Color of the year: Viva Magenta

Pentone Color Institute announces a color of the year every year which heavily influences fashion and makeup trends for the year. This year’s viva magenta is a dark pink color rather than red, making a warmer color than magenta pink. Pentone described Viva Magenta as a lively and warm color. Celebrating the Pentone color, many cosmetic companies are releasing products in viva magenta, which is widely used in lipsticks, eyeliners, and eyeshadows.

A model wearing viva magenta lip color ©theitalianreve



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