Create a shapewear section and increase revenue in accessories

Create a shapewear section and increase revenue in accessories

Many beauty supplies are embracing the increased share of accessories, and in the past few years, many business owners started to carry shapewear. Shaping underwear are especially popular among Black consumers who are the primary target consumers for the beauty supply’s main product categories, namely hair products. BNB took a look at the popular shapewear and current trends.


What is shapewear?

When you wear a dress, you want your curve to show. The shapewear can help you boast an ideal curve under the dress. Today’s trend is also wearing them during exercise to lose more weight.



Shapewear section in a beauty supply chain @Model Beauty


Various types of shapewear

01. Waist trainer

One of the most popular shapewears sold in beauty supplies is a waist trainer, an undergarment made of spandex blended with nylon or latex. They are mostly designed with bra hooks or zippers, but some brands feature plastic or steel bones. You can wear waist trainers to compress belly fat and create a slimmer waistline while they can also decrease appetite and promote perspiration, for which they are trending as a quick and effective weight loss hack, but experts warn that the weight loss may be only temporary.

The most basic design for a waist trainer. It is by far the best seller among the shapewear. @shein

Waist trainer with push up feature @AliExpress


02.  Sweat band

Also known as fitness belts, they are a type of waist trainers, but the difference is the instant body shaping and the promotion of perspiration during workout. Made of neoprene fabric, which was once popular in South Korea as a sweat suit fabric, they create a sauna effect.

@Ali express



03. Tummy control shaper shorts

This shapewear can hide your belly fat instantly. To accommodate shorts and short skirts during the summer days, some of them come in thongs.




04. Butt lifter & Butt booster

In addition to a slim waist, enhanced hips and lifted butts are popular features of shapewear. Hip lifting underwears have holes in the buttocks area to enhance the volume, and underwears with padded butts and hips can create slimmer bodylines to achieve the drastic curve.

Hip lifting underwear @lazada

Underwear with butt pads @amazon


Latest trend in shapewear

Bodysuits with shaping features

You will not need underwear with this 2-in-1 bodysuit that has a built-in body shaping design. They are also called snatched bodysuits and sculpting bodysuits. They are built to tightly hug your body, so they look like shrink underwear when not worn.




Activewear with body shaping features

Scrunch shorts or butt lifting shorts are very tightly fit but the butt area, so it gives lifting effect to the butts.


Honeycomb texture and divided butt seam can also enhance the hip line. They are called honeycomb biker shorts, booty scrunch butt lifting, or TikTok butt lifting shorts due to the popularity on the streaming platform.



Yoga pants with waist shaping feature



Seamless underwear

Although Skims carries hefty price tags, the company co-led by Kim Kardashian who is famous for trendsetting draws its popularity largely from the seamless appearance under your clothes while providing body sculpting. Seamless used to be the trend for bras and panties, and now it is spreading to shapewear and yoga pants.



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