Braids vs twists Varying choices based on lifestyle

Braids vs twists
Varying choices based on lifestyle


There are countless choices to make in Black hairstyle. If you choose a protective style for your scalp and hair, braids and twists come up on the shortlist. Braids and twists can help your hair growth while offering various styles, killing two birds with a stone. Box braids are one of the most popular braiding styles and Senegalese is for twist styles. Let’s look at how braids and twists differ, various styling techniques, and maintenance.


#Braids vs. twists—what’s the difference?

The biggest difference might be the fact that braids have three interlaced strands while twists have two.

Twists can be lighter on the scalp and quicker to style, but they are also quick to loosen up, lasting a shorter time than braids. Braids are easier to maintain. Braids can be heavier than twists but last longer and are easier to shampoo and maintain. Twists give out a more natural texture than braids, so if you like slick hairdo, braids are the answer.

If you are still unsure, you should consider your lifestyle. If your daily activities include strenuous exercise or a lot of physical movement, braid styles fit you better.

Braids can be divided into box braids with a thicker, boxier look and micro braids with a tiny footprint, and twists are largely grouped into Senegalese, Havana, Kinky, and Marley (or Mili).


Explaining the difference between braids and twists. As shown in the photo, braids involve three strands while twists two. Mini Braids Vs Mini Twists ©LavishlyBritt YouTube

Explaining box braid methods for beginners. As shown in the photo, box braids are thick and heavy. EASY SUMMER BOX BRAIDS! (Beginner friendly) ©TheChicNatural YouTube

A stylist explains how to to micro-braid on YouTube. You can see the braids are very small. Micro Braids on Long Natural Hair ©Resemble Me by Robyn YouTube



#Braids and twists, how to maintain?

Box braids and twists can last up to 10 weeks, but after 4-6 weeks, your scalp dries up and newly grown hair can make an unseemly appearance, making a perfect time for taking them off according to professionals. To shampoo, use sulfate-free products followed by a conditioner to reduce frizz. Massage your scalp with light oil and apply it over braids and twists for a healthier, glowing look. Dry shampoos leave hard-to-remove residues on the hair, so you should not use them on braid/twist hairdos.


#Braid out vs twist out

Braid outs and twist outs are hairdos completed by unraveling braids and twists, respectively. To do braid out or twist out at home, you will need a few items like leave-in conditioner, moisturizer/hair gel, oil, small hairband, spray bottle and scarf. First, use a spray bottle to moisten your hair and apply gel, oil or other hair products on your hair. After styling your hair, wrap the braids or twists with a scarf overnight. Braid outs give a natural curl with a wavy texture. Twist outs create a wave pattern. You only need to take them down the next morning to finish. If you want a tighter curl, make tighter braids for braid outs. If you compare the two styles, braid outs last much longer, up to 5-7 days with good maintenance.


Braid out technique to make natural wavy curls. Defined Moisturized Voluminous BRAID OUT Using ONE Product ©Hazel Goddesss YouTube

Twit out technique to complete tight wave styling. THE PERFECT TWIST OUT on Natural Hair | Slim Reshae ©Slim Reshae YouTube


#No 1. in braid hair—Box braids

Box braids are hands down the most iconic Black hairstyle. While most braid hairdos take long to style, box braids can cut down the time with thicker strands and help reduce scalp irritation. After a style is done, it can last 4-6 weeks, and overall maintenance is easier than most.

Tutorial for jumbo box braids, which is thicker box braids. ©Jade Godbolt YouTube



#Save your time and effort with crochet braids

Crocheting pre-styled braid extensions on your cornrows with a crochet hook can dramatically reduce your styling time. You can choose from any pre-made styles to your taste. It’s easier to take off too.


#Lemonade braids with a citrus-flavored look

The name Lemonade comes from Beyonce’s hit album Lemonade where she appeared with the braid style. Instead of braiding from front to back, it starts from left to right, like cornrows. You can use beads and various accessories for a unique look.

A YouTube clip explaining lemonade braid techniques and maintenance how-tos. How to Lemonade Braid on your own Head w/ Pre & Post Hair and Scalp Care Tips ©MariaAntoinetteTV YouTube



#Goddess braids take cornrow styles

Goddess braids are, simply put, a thicker version of cornrows. While it is easy to style and simple looking, you can add accessories to present a unique mood. Goddess braids are often styled into ponytails and updos, and beads and wires are currently popular additions to the style.

An example of goddess braids ©rebeccagarton Instagram



#Basic of the basics, Senegalese twists

Senegalese twists did originate from Senegal, Africa. While it’s like the box braids, Senegalese twists have two strands like other twists. It looks a lot like a rope, giving a nick name of rope twist. Among twist hairstyles, it is equivalent of box braids in terms of popularity.

Senegalese twist techniques. How To: DIY SENEGALESE TWISTS for BEGINNERS ©Tupo1 YouTube



#Passion twists with rich curl texture

Passion twists look like Senegalese, but you use curly hair in twisting. It results in a more voluminous and unique textured twist style. Wave and corkscrew curls are frequently used for passion twists. Compared to Senegalese twists, you can complete a twist style that gives off a unique mood.

An example of passion twists. ©briellehair Instagram



#Marley twists with an attractive rough texture

Marley twists also resemble Senegalese twists, but instead of Kanekalon hair commonly used for Senegalese twists, you use rough textured, kinky hair. Many people simply purchase Marley twist-styled braid hair that can be crocheted. Havana twists are about three times thicker than Marley braids.

Extra Long Marley Twists ©SharronRenee’ YouTube

Styling techniques for Havana twists, also known as Jumbo Marley twists. How-to: Havana Twists on Natural Hair | Jumbo Marley Twists ©TheBrilliantBeauty YouTube


#Braids vs twists: who’s the winner?

As mentioned above, you can choose braids or twists based on styling time, durability, and lifestyle. If you have highly textured hair, twists can be a perfect choice, but they will not last if box braids. Box braids last longer and require little maintenance, but they will take longer to style than twists.



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