Braid Gels in Google Trends and Amazon Rankings

Braid Gels in Google Trends and Amazon Rankings

Google Trends

We looked at Google Trends to see how search interest for braid gels has changed over the past five years. Interest in braiding gels, which are hair products that help braids last longer and look more neat, has increased overall, especially since 2022. The increase can be attributed to social influences and style trends. The interest accelerated in 2022 as COVID-19 related-restrictions eased and people began to enjoy travel and leisure activities again with celebrities wearing braids at the center of the media focus.

If you look at related search terms, you’ll notice that people tend to consider features when choosing a braid gel product. In particular, people seem to prioritize the ability to hold hair in position. As interest in eco-friendly products grows, so does the search for braid gels with organic ingredients. As consumers increasingly turn to natural and safe products for their hair, this preference is also impacting the braid gel market.



Top 10 Best-Selling Braid Gels on Amazon (as of the end of May 2024)

The #1 braid gel from AllDay Locks, and the #2 African Pride, each sold over 5,000 units in the previous month. Shine ‘n Jam, in third place, sold more than 3,000 units, and Aunt Jackie’s, in 10th place, 700 sold units. The difference in sales between the #1 and #10 spots on Amazon’s best seller list is at least a factor of seven. In terms of ratings and number of reviews, Shine ‘n Jam dominates with a 4.7 out of 5 rating and nearly 2,000 reviews. Keywords that were frequently mentioned in positive reviews were quality, hold, scent, versatility, shine, and moisturizing. For unit price (by weight), Shine ‘n Jam was the cheapest, and JC’s was the most expensive. For a 5-ounce unit, the average price of braid gel is around $7.


1st Place AllDay Locks

4.5/5 rating, 8,426+ reviews
5oz $9.62 ($1.92/ Ounce)
Features: Strong Hold, No Flake





2st Place African Pride

4.5/5 rating, 15,349+ reviews
8oz $7.38 ($0.92/ Ounce)
Features: Smooth, Hair Growth




3st Place Shine ‘n Jam

4.7/5 rating, 20,636+ reviews
16oz $14.35 ($0.89/ Ounce)
Features: Conditioning, Hair Growth






4st Place Loc N

4.5/5 rating, 2,865+ reviews
16oz $24.50 ($1.53/ Ounce)
Features: Strong Hold, Anti-Dandruff




5st Place KISS

4.4/5 rating, 419+ reviews
6oz $7.97 ($1.32/ Ounce)
Features: Conditioning, Moisturizing



6st Place JC’s

4.4/5 rating, 6,188+ reviews
4 oz $9.99 ($2.49/ Ounce)
Features: Smooth, Strong Hold




7st Place GOIPLE

4.5/5 rating, 372+ reviews
8.8oz $7.99 ($0.90/ Ounce)
Features: Strong Hold, No Flake




8st Place Instant Control

4.5/5 rating, 31+ reviews
4oz $8.99 ($2.22/ Ounce)
Features: Moisturizing, Cucumber Mint Scent




9st Place EBIN New York

4.6/5 rating, 858+ reviews
3.53 oz $5.89 ($1.66/ Ounce)
Features: High Gloss, No Flake




10st Place Aunt Jackie’s

4.7/5 rating, 12+ reviews
7.5oz $8.37 ($1.11/ Ounce)
Features: No Flake, Unscented








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