Body Jewelry Ordering Guide

Body Jewelry Ordering Guide

Beauty supply stores carry tens of thousands of beauty-related products. The main categories are hair, wigs, braiding, chemicals, fashion accessories, and jewelry. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at a type of jewelry that is becoming increasingly popular in beauty supply stores: body jewelry (body piercings). We all have a general idea of what body jewelry is, but we’ve got the inside scoop on why people buy it, what products to recommend, and more.


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Body jewelry is also called body piercing, but it is more commonly referred to as body jewelry in beauty supply stores. Piercing is defined as the act of making a hole in a body part and then placing something inside to keep the skin from growing back. There are many different types of body piercings, or body jewelry, including those placed on the eyebrow, belly, tongue, lip, chin, and nipple. In a broader sense, nose pins are also body piercings, so they can be considered a type of body jewelry. There are many other types of body jewelry, but these six are the most common.

So how and when did body jewelry start? Body jewelry can be traced back to primitive civilizations such as the Incas, Aztecs, and Mayans, as well as indigenous peoples in Asia, the Mediterranean, and Africa, who wore body adornments, such as body painting and piercings, on their naked bodies as a symbol of sexual appeal or victory over the opponents, to create fear in others, and for religious purposes. In North Africa, India, and the Middle East, nose rings were seen as a symbol of tribal status and wealth, and many nose rings on a young woman’s nose would indicate that she had a large wedding dowry. Ancient civilizations viewed the pain they inflicted on themselves through piercings as a symbol of death and rebirth and considered the pain itself an offering to the gods. With the subsequent development of clothing, these body decorations (piercings) gradually declined, but in the late 1980s, they were revived as a form of fashion in the United Kingdom and began to spread around the world. As you can see, body jewelry is an accessory with history and tradition.

Body jewelry is called different names depending on where it’s worn, but customers can wear it wherever they want to wear it. For example, eyebrow body jewelry isn’t just for the eyebrows; it can be done anywhere on the face. That’s why all sorts of piercings can be simply called body jewelry. Septums are also very popular these days.


Eyebrow body jewelry

In beauty supply stores, most body jewelry is displayed in floor-standing towers or wall displays, and eyebrow body jewelry is probably the best-selling item. Associate managing director J, who has been working in the jewelry industry for five years, says, “In my area, eyebrow jewelry is the best-selling product. So, the demand for them is high. We make sure we’re delivering on time and in the quantities that our customers want.” If you don’t have a lot of eyebrow body jewelry in your store, we recommend that you carry as many different types of eyebrow body jewelry as possible.




Belly body Jewelry

When you think of body jewelry, one of the first things that comes to mind is belly body jewelry. Belly body jewelry wasn’t very popular at first, but it became popular after a model named Christy Tullington wore it on a London fashion show in 1993. Afterwards, American supermodel Naomi Campbell made an appearance wearing the belly-body jewelry and a pearl-encrusted gold ring, and it became a huge hit.

Belly body jewelry is often thought of as summer jewelry because it’s worn on the belly button, but it’s not. “There is a misconception that body jewelry only sells well in the summer, but it actually sells well in all seasons,” says Sungwook Choi, vice president of C&L Jewelry. “This is because after you have a piercing on your body, it will quickly close unless you continue to wear body jewelry. It’s the same way that holes in the ear lobe get closed if you don’t wear earrings for a while. So, customers are always looking to wear body jewelry on their bodies,” says Mr. Choi, advocating the constant upkeep of body jewelry inventory. Belly body jewelry is consistently selling well in the basic gold and silver colors, but the dangle belly body jewelry is also selling quite well.


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Chin body Jewelry

Smaller body jewelry worn on the lips is called chin body jewelry, and while it sells less than the previous three, it’s still a consistently in-demand item. Usually placed on the lip, chin body jewelries come much smaller than other products in size, so you can wear them anywhere on your face.

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Nipple body jewelry

Nipple body jewelry was briefly popular in London, England, and Paris, France, in 1890 and later became a steadily popular item worn by popular rock stars. Nipple body jewelry is also favored because it can increase sensation and pleasure during sexual activities, in addition to being fashionable. It may not make sense to the shop owner, but it’s also the right thing to do to respect your customers’ tastes. Since these products are sold in pairs, it’s important to keep them organized.




There are many other types of body jewelry. Especially the nose ring called the septum has been selling well lately. Because there are so many different types, it’s a good idea to work with a jewelry vendor that stocks a wide variety of pieces. It’s also important to remember that plain colored, like gold and silver, body jewelry sells consistently. While most jewelry has a price attached to the package, body jewelry often doesn’t, so it’s a product that can leave a good margin. If your beauty supply store doesn’t carry body jewelry, we recommend that you do. At a time when sales are slowly rising, body jewelry might become a wing for sales.


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