Black women wear this jewelry to church

Black women wear this jewelry to church


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According to the Pew Research Center (, 79% of Black Americans identify themselves as Christians. On a Sunday morning, Black women dresses in colorful and glamorous outfit as if they are going to a fancy party. Jewelry worn by Black women has a special meaning and significance on this religious occasion becauseit combines religious beliefs and style to create a personal and emotional statement.

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Jewelry has been growing continuously in the fashion accessories category, with a significant increase in online spending. As a result, jewelry has become a must-have category in beauty supplies, but since it is still part of the minor category fashion accessories, it is often difficult to expand the offering due to space constraints and inventory turnover. Jewelry, in particular, is highly sensitive to trends, so many items go out of fashion quickly, making it tricky to find products that sell well at the moment. As a typical impulse buy, the display technique is also crucial. In most stores, jewelry is displayed next to the register or on the wall. The size of your store and your store’s average consumer profile should dictate the location and size of your display.

In this article, we’ll explore the styles and price range of necklaces and brooches that are selling well online in connection with Black women’s church looks, as well as display considerations to encourage impulse buys.




*Church jewelry for Black women

  1. Cross necklace: Cross necklaces are by far the most popular type of necklace worn in church. Various designs are available on Amazon and by Joy Jewelry. Black women tend to favor large cross necklaces, and when they wear the basic style, they often use a chain or layersof multiple necklaces to make it look extravagant.

On Amazon, cross necklaces priced between $10 and $20 are best sellers, while handmade craft items available on Etsy (accessible on, which is a popular online handcraft marketplace especially for young people, sell cross necklaces in a variety of materials and shapes for $20 to $100 as of October 2023.

Editor’s choice of cross necklace styles





Best-selling cross necklaces on Amazon

sourch: AMAZON.COM $11.69

sourch: AMAZON.COM $25.83

sourch: AMAZON.COM $15.99



Pearl necklace

Pearl is arguably the best gem to express classic and elegant styles. Especially, large pearl necklaces or earrings are worn to accentuate beauty and style in church and other special occasions. Many Black women tend to wear bold pearls or layer medium-sized pearls for their look.

The price of a pearl necklace varies depending on the gem material including natural pearls, cultured pearls, and imitation pearls. Pearls that are readily available to consumers are often made-made imitation. On Amazon, pearls in the $7 to $20 range are the most popular, and on Etsy, pearls in the $17 to $50 range are the best sellers.

Editor’s choice of pearl necklace styles

sourch : portarte.netsourch

sourch :

sourch :



Best-selling pearl necklaces on Amazon

sourch : AMAZON.COM $11.99

sourch : AMAZON.COM $10.99

sourch : AMAZON.COM $12.99



Cubic zirconia (CZ) necklace

Black women tend to wear their most precious gemstones to church. It’s out of respect and reverence deeply rooted in their spiritual culture. When it comes to jewelry, diamonds are loved by all women, not just Black women, but the popularity and high price makes it hard to afford these preciousgemstones. The alternative is cubic zirconia (CZ, or cubic in short), which is becoming increasingly difficult to tell apart fromdiamond with the naked eye as the quality of cubic improves. For design, cubic chain necklaces and necklaces set with large cubic gemstones are widely popular.

Cubic necklaces are most popular on Amazon in the $10 to $50 range, while Etsy’s best sellers are in the $20 to $100 range.

Editor’s choice of cubic necklace styles

ourch :

sourch : luxe라인

sourch :



Best-selling cubic necklaces on Amazon

sourch : AMAZON.COM $14.99

sourch : AMAZON.COM $16.45

sourch : AMAZON.COM $38.99



African (tribal) necklace

The African (tribal) necklaces are jewelry pieces inspired by the tradition of African culture. Many women wear these jewelry pieces to feel a sense of belonging to the African American community and to keep the tradition. African necklaces are colorfully designed by wrapping silk and metal threads around a rope. They can be worn in a variety of colors and are lighter than metallic jewelry, so you can wear them in layers without straining your neck.

On Amazon, $10 to $30 pieces are very popular, and on Etsy, the best sellers are in the $20 to $100 range.

Editor’s choice of African (tribal) necklace styles

sourch :

sourch :

sourch :



Best-selling African (tribal) necklaces on Amazon

sourch : AMAZON.COM $19.69

sourch : AMAZON.COM $17.99

sourch : AMAZON.COM $13.66





Black women commonly fasten brooches on their hats to complete their church look. Brooches can make the design and color of your hat more unique, and they are to deliver the ultimate glamour. For Black women, wearing hats is a long-standing tradition of religious piety and respect.

On Amazon, items in the $5 to $20 price range are popular, and on Etsy, you will find best sellers in the $20 to $100 range.


Editor’s choice of brooch styles

sourch :

sourch : LEDIVA.COM

sourch : ETSY.COM




Best-selling brooches on Amazon

Sourch : AMAZON.COM $35.91

Sourch : AMAZON.COM $14.79

Sourch : AMAZON.COM $17.49





Considerations for jewelry display

  1. Organize by category: Divide your jewelry by type and create categories. Consider creating a section called Church Jewelry. Placing all above recommended products that go well with a church look in one place can make it easy for shoppers to find them.


  1. Space design: Build a display space that showcases your jewelry.

Wall display

Countertop display,



    1. Highlight the visual effects: Use mirrors and lighting fixtures to multiply the beauty of your jewelry.

    ◦ LED lights: These are the popular choice for displaying jewelry. It’s efficient because it produces an even light, and it doesn’t generate heat that can damage your jewelry.

    ◦ Halogen lights: They produce a bright, warm color that makes your jewelry look beautiful. However, they generate substantial heat, so it’s important to keep a good distance.

    1. Consider color and style: Display similar colors and styles of jewelry together to make it easier for customers to compare various options before making a purchase.

    Since many Black women are attending church regularly, it’s worth considering the idea of offering church jewelry in a dedicated display at your beauty supply. To do this, use a countertop or wall display to organize your jewelry by category, and consider hanging pictures of glamorous Black women to give your customers a visual reminder. Also, installing bright, warm lighting to make your jewelry shine and stand out will certainly help increase sales.


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