Black Beauty Makeup: Must-knows

Black Beauty Makeup: Must-knows


Just a couple years ago, African American women had to make frequent trips to stores only to find a limited selection of cosmetics that match their skin tone. As a result, they often made a local beauty supply a go-to place for their cosmetics needs.

Now, the global movement behind promoting diversity impacted the market initiatives in the makeup industry, which resulted in increased investment in Black beauty market by many large beauty and personal care companies around the world. African American women can easily meet their cosmetics needs at retail stores specialized in cosmetics such as Sephora and Ulta as well as local pharmacies, and you can find many YouTube videos that explain how to mix existing products to match their unique skin tone.

In the midst of the growing competition, you need to know better about Black beauty makeup to sell makeup products that contribute to a substantial portion of beauty supplies’ revenue.


Follow beauty influencers

Get on social media and follow beauty influencers such as Zendaya and Jaleesa Jaikaran on YouTube and Instagram, from which you can learn a lot about new makeup trends. Lately, the makeup trend does not vary much from one skin color to another. Exaggerated color cosmetics and eye makeup with pearl accents have gone out of fashion for a long time. Nude colors and soft glams are the minimal makeup trend that you should pay attention to when you place orders. Makeup trends can set the mood of the retail display and decide marketing strategies, and you should also pay attention to the inventory of cosmetics and turnover rates.


A YouTube video by makeup artist Jaleesa Jaikaran. She’s discussing a product available at drug stores.


Know the skin types

You have to know whether your skin type is oily, dry, combination, or neutral. Virtually all skin care products are formulated to address a specific skin type, and your skin care routine is very important to have a solid makeup that looks natural. You should understand the undertones as well. Warm, cool and neutral undertones can dictate what colors to use for makeup. Warm tone goes well with orange colors, and cool tone with rosy or berry colors.When you choose a foundation or concealer, you should test the product on the chin line or wrist to see how well it matches your skin.


How to Find Your Skin Type w/ Black Esthetician Tips! | Style and Beauty Doctor
This YouTube video explains how to identify your skin tone.


Foundation is the basic of the basics

Foundation literally sets the foundation for your makeup, so offering various foundation colors to match any skin color is important. Foundation is not to conceal the skin color but cover the minor imperfections and bring out the most natural skin tone. Accordingly, putting just a slightly lighter or darker foundation can ruin all the makeup that follows. Popular brands such as Fenty Beauty, NARS, and Black Opal, which are widely available at various cosmetics stores, are offering a wide range of colors designed for African American women. Beauty supplies must offer foundation products in a wide range of colors to accommodate customer’s needs. In fact, the weather and other external factors can affect the color choices for a customer.

Foundation products come in various types including liquid, cream, powder, stick and cushion. Most African American women can have a good result with a warm tone foundation in earth (yellow or brown) tone. You can prepare testers to help customers find the right color and also makeup removers or tissues for their convenience.


Don’t forget brushes, must-have companions to foundation

Next to foundation products, you can place brushes. Good brushes help foundation to sit closely on skin while poor brushes often result in foundation caking or separating. Dense brushes are what you should look for. Many beauty influencers are using spatula to spread foundation over facial skin. After foundation is applied to the face, you can use a brush to sweep it outwardly from the center. Just like that, makeup spatulas can be used to spread foundation thinly over the skin applying constant pressure.


“Apply Foundation with a Spatula?”
A YouTube Short explains how to use a spatula for foundation. YouTuber MissDarcei has over 2 million subscribers.


Concealers for flawless skin

To make up a natural-looking and flawless facial skin, you can’t go without concealers. Concealers are often used to cover the darker areas including dark circles under the eyes and blemishes, so you would have a better result with a slightly lighter tone than your skin. Concealers can be applied with a blending brush or cosmetic sponge for a smooth and even spread. If you are troubled with hyperpigmentation or dark circles, peach or orange toned concealers are most effective at neutralizing the dark areas.


Contouring and blusher for dimension

Contouring can be done with a product in color that is a tone darker than the base foundation, preferably specifically made for contouring. You can sculpt and add dimension to the face, and in doing so, you can achieve a sharper and sophisticated look. Blending is at the core of contouring. Poor contouring can leave lines or reveal a darker patch on your face, which may look worse than not having contouring at all. You should pay attention to blending for a natural look throughout the entire face. African Americans often wear bronzers to create a better, natural look, and they should be one or two levels darker than the skin tone. Blushers are not only used on the cheek and cheek bone but also on the tip of your nose nowadays. Most blushers and bronzers look more natural in satin finish.


Highlighters for a dramatic effect

If you have contouring for sculpting, highlighters are for lifting your face and brightening up the complexion. In fact, highlighters may be one of the best makeup techniques for African American women with dark skin. Highlighters can create a glamorous and sexy mood even when applied to a typical makeup. The trending “surgical makeup” refers to the makeup techniques where heavy contouring and highlighters actually change one’s look as much as a plastic surgery.


How to: Nose Contour Tutorial | VanessaK7
A YouTube video explains the dramatic makeover of a facial part. The use of light and dark colored contouring appears as effective as a nose job.


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