Best value display ideas To make your store stand out this holiday season

Best value display ideas

To make your store stand out this holiday season

At the end of the year, sales are likely to hit the highs of the year, and eye-catching displays not only make customers enjoy shopping, but also help to drive sales. Statistics show that holiday shoppers spend more time in stores and are more likely to make impulse purchases than the average shopper. Small businesses spend an average of $347 on Christmas window displays, and sales of holiday promotional displays have grown 2.5% annually since 2016, according to Vistaprint, an online printing company.  What displays will make my store stand out this holiday season without costing a lot of money?


1.  Warm and heartfelt chalk and chalkboard art

Chalkboards and chalk are starting to pop up in retail stores. You can add chalky, hand-drawn stickers or chalk drawings on clear windows for a festive look, or use paint or chalk on a small, portable chalkboard for a holiday touch. The content and design could be of a holiday sale, a welcome message for customers, or a holiday-inspired picture or text.


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Christmas Window Using Chalk Markers I DIY I 4K

Chalkboards for sale on Amazon as low as $48

Christmas decorations in stickers. Easy to find on Amazon and other retailers



2. Decorating storefront windows with wreaths

Every year at the end, you’ll see a lot of shopping malls covered with wreaths and tree decorations. For retail stores, it’s a great way to inspire the holiday spirit without breaking the bank. Create a unique and flavorful decor in a style that best suits your store’s atmosphere.


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3. Space-saving wall-mounted Christmas trees

Wall-mounted Christmas trees aren’t just the retail floor, but they can be placed anywhere. For smaller stores, a Christmas tree on a blank wall is a great space-saving and cost-saving decoration hack. Choose the right size and color to match your store’s mood, and you will be in the holiday spirit in no time.


©YouTucbe @Godiygo Ideas DIY Wall Christmas Tree to Save your Space



4. Place gift boxes throughout your store

You can do the holiday decoration by simply placing gift boxes around your store without any special decorations. Besides gift boxes, you can also put shopping bags with Christmas prints. You’ll also find these decorations in many popular department stores.





5. Make the most out of your in-store mannequins

If you have in-store mannequins, consider utilizing them to get in the holiday spirit. You don’t have to purchase seasonal outfit or accessories. You can use the accessories you sell or recycle unused Christmas trees from your home. Having them on your mannequins can be a great way to draw customer’s attention.


©YouTube @Lexis Shantell
CHRISTMAS DECOR IDEAS 2022 | DIY Mannequin “Dress” Christmas Tree
YouTube video showing how to make a mannequin Christmas tree



6. Make a window decoration tree out of paper napkins

It doesn’t get cheaper than this! Simply purchase gold and white floral napkins in different sizes and stick them to the window in the shape of a Christmas tree. It’s simple, but it’s vintage and classy for the holidays. Floral paper napkins can be purchased at a dollar store.




7. Window decorations to announce end-of-year sales

The holiday season is one of the most profitable times for the retailers, so it’s important to run appropriate promotions to attract your customers. Make sure you have Christmas decorations in the windows and around the store and put up a sign that says you’re having a holiday sale. Rather than a signage with a direct sales pitch, use a holiday-themed on sale sign.



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You can download and use these Christmas sale posters. It costs about $6 to download.



8. Gift wrapping services, gift wrapping stations

Another thing you should prepare alongside your store display is the gift-wrapping station. One of the things that many people find annoying or difficult about gifting is gift wrapping. Malls and large department stores always have a gift-wrapping station or two, but you’re not likely find one in a small retail store. Utilize a small space in your store to create a gift-wrapping station. If you offer free gift wrapping for customers who spend more than a certain amount, it would be a great way to boost your sales.


Utilize a small space in your store to create a gift-wrapping station. You can also utilize a small space next to the register. Have a staff member dedicated to wrapping gifts.

©YouTube @But First Coffee
Life-Changing Gift Wrapping Hacks – YouTube
This video explains how to easily wrap gifts of different sizes and shapes.



9. Harnessing the power of Amazon to complete your decor

If you can’t come up with a decent idea for your in-store display, look no further than Amazon. There are quite a few ways to decorate your store without costing an arm and a leg. You can find stickers for your store’s floor, decorations to hang from your store’s ceiling, decals for your windows, and Christmas lights, among others.


Store ceiling lights – 200LED Hanging Sphere Lights. On sale for $16

Store floor stickers Whaline 108 Pcs Peppermint Floor Decals Candy Stickers Decorations. Includes 12 candy shapes and 96 snowflake stickers for $12

Hanging Christmas decorations UNIQOOO 14PCS Assorted 3D Christmas Honeycomb Paper Lantern Decoration Large Size Includes 14 Decorations for $18


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