Beat hot weather and off-season slow with Ponytail

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Beat hot weather and off-season slow with Ponytail

The season has come when your long hair feels suffocating. In fact, there is a theory that you can decrease feels-like temperature by three degrees by simply tying your hair up off your neck on hot summer days. For this reason, one of the cool hairstyles for mid-summer is a ponytail. Many hair companies are rushing to release various hair products to enable easy and various ponytail styling, and here comes the featured products that can deal with the hot weather.


Ponytail, the top styles in summer

Regardless of the hair being short or long, straight or curly, you notice more people with hair tied up as the temperature goes up. The name of ponytail originates from its resemblance to the tail of a pony, and this very simple and a bit mundane hairstyle just keeps trending in summer. Hair company B gives the following answers coming from various perspectives.

Heat: the high temperature in summer makes the hair uncomfortable and unpleasant. Ponytail effectively removes hair from neck and shoulder for a cool and comfortable feel.

Humidity: a common headache during summer, humidity, makes hair curly and unmanageable. Ponytail controls the overly curly hair and helps maintain a tidy look.

Sweating: excessive perspiration in summer causes oily hair and messy appearance. Ponytail prevents hair from touching your face and reduces sweating in the scalp.

Versatility: ponytail ranges from high and sleek styles to messy ones, making a truly versatile style with various applications.

Quick and Easy: ponytail is also a quick and easy style that requires little time in making and maintaining.

It not only helps you deal with the hot weather but also maintains a clean and neat hairdo for a long time after quick and easy styling, so it is quite the silver bullet for the summer. When it comes to African Americans who wear their natural hair, there is no better means to tame the curls in high humidity than a ponytail. Kinky hair can be combed with hair gel and styled with a ponytail hair product for a lasting look on the beach whether or not you play in the water or exercise outdoors.

Summer ponytail means more options for your summer activities. ©


Evolution of ponytail: easier but in style!

When you think about ponytail, Ariana Grande comes into many people’s minds. She always appears on stage with a high ponytail, and she once gave reasons for her insistence of the hairstyle. It turned out that she had severe hair damages due to frequent coloring and bleaching required for her acting career, and she stopped growing her hair and got hair extensions for the ponytail.

Ariana Grande with her iconic ponytail

For the natural characteristics of hair, some Black women have hardship growing hair long. Ponytail can be a great solution for them. Unless you’re making a bun, the only thing you need to do is tying hair up. It is a great time-saving style, and when you fix your hair piece on top of your head, it results in less washing and tangling. Overall, it’s easy to style and easy to maintain.

Another advantage of a ponytail is the versatility. From curls to straight hair, you can have short or long ponytails, which can be braided or made into a dome and an up-do. The possibility is limitless. Black women, especially those who pay a lot of attention to hair, use ponytails to continuously try new looks.

Newly arrived ponytail products this summer come with various application types. From the most basic drawstring, you will easily find wrap types in addition to clip types. It is due to the constant effort of hair companies to make ponytails lighter, easier, and more accessible to consumers.


▶ Drawstring Ponytail

A hairpiece with a lace stretchy cap that goes over a bun. It adds volume and length to your hairdo for a natural-looking ponytail. You can use the comb embedded inside the cap to position the product and pull the drawstring to tightly secure the ponytail on your hair. Some products come with a headband for a quick and easy look.

YouTuber explains the styling how-tos of drawstring ponytail products ©YouTube – TheBrilliantBeauty: HOW TO | Drawstring Ponytail on Natural Hair



Wrap-Type Ponytail

As its name implies, you can simply wrap it around your hair. The ponytail extension hair includes a wrap portion with Velcro, so you can wrap it around your bun to complete a ponytail with ease. Although it is less secure than drawstring, the ease of application is bringing it to the mainstream in the ponytail market.

Source: Beauty Plus




▶ Clip-Type Ponytail

It offers the easiest and simplest application. The ponytail comes with a clip, which can be fixed onto your tied-up hair to finish a ponytail in a jiffy. You can remove the clip to use it as a drawstring ponytail.

1) Tie your hair. 2) Insert the clip onto the tied hair. 3) Tidy up the flyaway hair. 4) Finished! Source: Hair Couture



Popular ponytail products for your summer sales boost

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