All eyes are on her hairstyle, Cardi B!

All eyes are on her hairstyle, Cardi B!

Hip-hop artist Cardi B speaks about African American experience and Black culture with her music. Black Americans express their stories and emotion through her music. For this reason, Cardi B is considered an inspiration for not only many African American musicians but also Black Americans in general.

In addition to her music, she is well known for her unique and quirky fashion. Her unique costumes and accessories for her stage performance are not just glamorous but nearly out of this world, and she is also a leader of street fashion even among many hip-hop artists. Her outfit centers around unique but comfortable wear such as oversized t-shirts and athletic woven jackets. Her glamorous look is often completed with a combination of various colors and patterns.

Her hairdo and makeup always make the headline. Defined eye lines and lips in her makeup and various wigsthat go with her outfit as well as the occasion are always something people look forward to.


“Whatever Cardi B does becomes a trend.”

What about Cardi B’s recent hairdos? You can easily spot two-tone, ombre, and print wigs. Pink-dipped platinum wig highlights her loveliness with the pink color only at the tip. Cardi B in photo 1 matched a mint-colored dress and a same color bag to complete a fresh look that is inspired by Barbie dolls. In photo 2, Cardi B’s hair and dress test the limit of glamour with a cross-printed straight wig and tattoo-covered lower back. Additionally, in photos 3 and 4, Cardi B turns heads with her two-tone wig with bangs and unique print wigs. Her unique hairdos soon hit the market in various types of wig products. You should carefully watch her fashion.

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