A quick guide to creating promotional materials.

An image goes further than many words

A quick guide to creating promotional materials.

Many of you have an experience where you buy an item impulsively after looking at eye-popping signage. Deeply discounted items, eye-catching models wearing the product, and many other visual cues speak to customers about product information and nudge them into impulsive purchases.

Many customers visiting a beauty supply are exposed to them as well. You may come to buy a hair product but start shopping for makeup products, or you buy a clothing item and end up getting matching jewelry. Customers can easily overlook a myriad of items by simply walking past them, but you can catch their eyes with visual contents placed in the store.

The visual content can be also used for social media posts. You get more views when you have a good-looking thumbnail. If you want to promote your business on social media, you should invest in visually pleasing content. To hire a professional for these contents, you will pay considerable design fees. However, there are many online services and tools that can save you time and money.



    1. Brand Crowd


It has a wide range of templates from logos, business cards, social media thumbnails/posts, banners, and posters. You can pay $9 monthly or opt for an annual membership that costs $3 a month by paying for the year at once. It has more than 130,000 templates, and you can use all of their services as a member. You can cancel the membership at any time. The image below is a design made for BNB Magazine using the Brand Crowd service.







Like Brand Crowd, it offers various design templates and works great for business cards. You can simply type basic information to create a sophisticated business card. You can also print it. You can choose from three plans including a free plan and a $119.99/year plan. The most expensive $149.90 plan can be shared among up to five people. You can design t-shirts, hoodies, calendars, and mugs. They are great for group merchandise to boost team spirit and promote unity.








It is a service tailored to create promotional contents for social media. It offers convenient features to create trendy contents for Instagram Reels, Facebook story videos, Youtube intros and outros, and TikTok videos. It provides various icons and images, so you can simply arrange them in consideration of your business identity and atmosphere. It offers a free plan and a paid plan at $10 a month. The paid plan offers premium templates and unlimited storage space.






It has various design templates for sales, banners, and online text messages. You can find many templates with symbolic images for various holidays. You can make minor edits of the texts already written. You can download templates in Adobe Illustrator, PDF, InDesign, and Photoshop to create professional quality design.

Today’s consumers are more keen to visual perception than words. This is why you should pay a special attention to online and offline promotional contents. Review your visual materials inside your store and on your social media account, and make them better using the services.


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