4 Keys to Prom Dresses in 2024

4 Keys to Prom Dresses in 2024

High school seniors are busy preparing for prom. Students and parents alike want to make sure that their once-in-a-lifetime day goes as planned and leaves nothing but good memories. But there’s a big gap between what you want to do and what you can realistically do. If your mind is all over the place and you’re still not sure what to do, here are four dress trends for 2024 that will turn your worries into excitement.


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Green is the color to watch

Black or red dresses are always popular, and they’re still going strong in 2024. If we were to expand the list of dress colors that are consistently sought-after, we’d say pink, blue, and purple. This year, however, there’s one color that stands out: green. The green colors range from pale mint to deep emerald and olive green. This hue may seem intimidating at first, but different shades bring different moods, so it’s best to try it on instead of just looking at it. If your skin is cool-toned, try different types of greens, and if you’re warm-toned, look for greens that are close to natural green. The calming image of deep green also goes hand in hand with the “quiet rich” or “old money look” that’s trending these days.






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Deeper side slits

What’s notable about the dresses of 2024 is that no matter what shape the skirt is, it has a side split. While side-slit dresses are nothing new, they’ve gotten a lot more bold with deeper slits. This has the effect of looking visually cooler, and as you walk, your legs will be slightly exposed, allowing you to move with confidence. It also has the advantage of making your legs look thinner and longer when you pose for full-body shots, and it helps making a more polished pose. The person in charge of prom dresses at “JOVANI,” a well-known dress brand, said that when deciding on prom dress trends, they refer to and reflect the dress trends of celebrities on the red carpet and at film festivals. There’s no wonder that we’ve seen so many dresses with deep leg openings on the red carpet lately. For example, Taylor Swift was one of the best dressed celebs at the last Grammys, where she wore a white dress and accented it with a split to give it a cool look.



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Dress train

The part of the dress that drags behind you is called a train. Trains, which are often seen on bridal gowns but not so much on prom dresses, are a frequent feature for prom dresses in 2024. Lengthening the train of an otherwise plain dress can emphasize its elegance and sophistication, and the volume it creates often gives the dress an upgrade. Walking with a train that drags on the ground is not as difficult as you might think. However, you should be careful if you need to change directions frequently or are situated in a crowded area, as others may step on them or trip over them. Also, the bottom can get dirty quickly, so if you’re renting a dress, you’ll have to keep that in mind as well. You can also find a loop to attach the train part to your finger or wrist.







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The return of corset style

The corset style is back. The corset craze, witnessed on the runways of high-profile clothing brands, has reached the dress market. To maintain a body shape that emphasized femininity, 19th-century women wore corsets to shape a slender waist and voluptuous breasts. A corset dress is a dress with a curved neckline and a cinched waist, inspired by the shape of a corset. It’s interesting because the style varies widely depending on what part of the corset design transforms into the dress. Some designs emphasize a high waist, while others have sheer, off-the-shoulder, or ribbon-strapped body for a completely different look. If you’re looking for a form-fitting dress but do not need body shaping, the corset style provides support for the bust and waistline.









How are the dresses carried at beauty supplies different? We interviewed Lisa, the dress department manager at So Good beauty supply in Georgia, to talk about the things she’s seeing in the prom dress market, what customers are looking for, and her tips for picking out a perfect dress.


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We’re covering prom dress trends for 2024, what do you see on the sales floor lately? Is there anything noticeable compared to last year?

Many of our customers come looking for dresses with unique designs that are hard to find at Macy’s or other big department stores. Last year, dresses from brands we always carry, including Jovani, Colors, Sherri Hill, Morilee, and so on, were popular, with customers spending around $1,000 on prom dresses. This year, we saw a lot of couture looks, and typical budgets went down to the $300-500 range. But they still expect a quality dress. The prices of dresses across the store have come down a bit, and luckily, So Good has found a middle ground that balances price and quality.

How do you manage so many dresses in your store?

Our store is mostly based on special orders. Nowadays, consumers don’t expect even showrooms and big stores, like Nike’s retail stores, to have all the colors and sizes in stock. We have a few styles and colors in the store to showcase, and when a customer finds one to their taste, we’ll order the exact size, color, and style for them.

What are the top styles of prom dresses for 2024 that customers look for in your store?

I’ve been seeing a lot of demands for corset-style prom dresses lately. Luxurious see-through corset dresses are particularly popular. In terms of color, sage, emerald green, and rose gold are popular, and pink is starting to make a comeback. Butterfly appliqués and flower appliqués are very popular. Sequin designs, which were high in demand for a while, are down a bit. Customers prefer light weight appliqués to heavy beads nowadays.


The see-through corset style is accented with long gloves.

Emerald green corset style design is the most sought-after prom dress of 2024

Tiered, corset-style dress. It retains girlish vibe with pastel colors.

The embroidered part is called an appliqué. Flowers and butterflies are popular designs this year.

Dress designed with appliqués on the side slit.


Please give us some recommendations for accessories to wear 

The matching accessories for your dress are crucial. Ear cuffs are popular, and sparkly accessories are inevitably the center of attention at prom. If your outfit is plain, try a flashy accessory. Personally, I recommend bracelets. They will make your hands look pretty when you raise your glass.


Bracelets that make your hands look shiny when toasting


What are some things you must consider when choosing a dress?

Wearing the wrong size is the most frequent mistake people make. For the best dress fitting, you need someone who can help you while dressing like zipping up the perfect sized dress for you.

Do you have any last advice for your customers preparing for prom?

Your prom dress is the biggest dress decision you’ll make only second to your wedding dress. Try a lot of them and choose carefully. And start shopping early. If you’re an early bird, you should’ve started in early February. Especially if you are on a tight budget and looking for a specific design, you should start shopping as soon as possible.


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