2H 2023 Wig Trend: Return to Glamour

2H 2023 Wig Trend: Return to Glamour

‘Clean girl’ and ‘natural hair’ trends have stolen the thunder from glamorous styles ever since the pandemic.  This year, the release of a new movie, Barbies, has brought the glamorous and daring styles back. Let’s take a look at the styles of trendsetters including stylists, celebs, and influencers and predict the wig trend for the second half.


Deep wave lace frontal wig

This year’s trend is to modify deep wave lace frontal wigs into various styles. A claw clip can be used to boost the upper hair volume in half-up half-down style, and another popular choice is space buns hairdo with the top hair tied and hanging on sides.



Barbiecore is indisputably this year’s top trend. If something goes well with Barbiecore, it does not have to be in pink to be widely popular. You can also sell barbiecore hair accessories bundled with other items. For the upcoming Halloween, you’d better start stocking up Barbie wigs and accessories.



Balayage color

Balayage colors appear a single solid color overall but in detail they feature subtle tonal difference from strand to strand. Sleek gradation and hair texture combine to bring about a natural-looking effect. In addition to wigs, braids in balayage colors are also on trend.



Mullet style

Once popular among the Caucasian women, Black women are embracing mullet style using lace front wigs and quick weaving technique. Short and masculine looks can be balanced with long and feminine flow for a great look.



Colorful wigs

Colorful wigs are everywhere. You should make coloring products designed for wigs available in various types and colors. Wig designers who are leading the trend make bold and interesting attempts at wig coloring including designs and patterns drawn with air brushes.



Fringe bangs

Some try DIY fringe bangs at home after watching tutorials, but quite a few of them report back with awkwardly short bangs, sadly ruining a perfectly good full wig.  For people who are reluctant to make bangs on their own, you can recommend wigs pre-styled with bangs.


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