2023 Luxury Sunglasses and Sandals Trend

2023 Luxury Sunglasses and Sandals Trend

What’s the status of the luxury sunglasses and sandals trend in 2023? Trending items are good reference points for sales in beauty supplies. Although today’s consumers are all about personality, the trend is still here to guide the public and is typically led by luxury brands. In this article, we will review some of the sunglasses and sandals from luxury brands to see what trend is alluring consumers.

1. Sunglasses

Oversized: oversized sunglasses feature large lenses and a thick frame. The exaggerated size and unique design can mesmerize onlookers. Oversized sunglasses come with many benefits. Bigger lenses tend to provide a better cover for the eye area so that they can effectively protect the eyes from UV. As the larger lenses cover the face, they hide wrinkles and puffed eyes, making a splendid look without full makeup. The thicker frame is often made of metal or acetate.

The LV Cut Sunglasses ©Louis Vuitton

GUCCI_HEART SHAPED Sunglasses ©Gucci



  • Mirror lenses: specially treated or coated to reflect light, they are one of the most popular trends in fashion. Primarily, they are used to protect eyes from very harsh sunlight. As they can block and reflect light, it provides a more comfortable environment for your eyes. Classical gold mirror lenses, glamorous rainbow mirror lenses, girly pink lenses, and cool and modern silver mirror lenses are some of the options. Mirror lenses can complete a stylish look by blending well with the design of the sunglasses and the color.

Gucci_Rectangular-Frame ©Gucci

LV Moon Square Sunglasses ©Louis Vuitton

Chanel Rount Suglasses ©Chanel



  • Cat eye: the sunglasses’ unique design resembles the eyes of a cat. They are not only unique but also a retro style. The long and rising tip of cat eye sunglasses can create a chic and elegant look. Cat eye sunglasses are often regarded as a fashion statement and function as an accessory. They are suitable to wear on the beach or on summer vacations.

Prada Symbole Sunglasses ©Prada

LV First Metal Cat Eye Sunglasses ©Louis Vuitton



2. Sandals

Slides: are comfortable and stylish. Simple and clean design as well as the comfort fit make them attractive. They come in various materials and patterns for a great match with any outfit.

Prada Slide Sandal ©Prada

Gucci Women_S Horsebit Flatform ©Gucci



  • Wedge sandals: wedge sandals are more comfortable and stable compared to high heel sandals. You can wear them for a long time without discomfort. In summer, you have many options from open-toe design, ankle straps, and platform wedge sandals. They come in various materials and patterns to provide a wide range of choice. Linen, canvas, and suede materials are popular for being cool and light. They go well with one-pieces, skirts, and shorts.

Prada Crochet Wedge Sandals ©Prada



  • Strap detail: many sandals with various strap details are coming out. From cross design to adjustable straps, you can find various types.

Prada Foam Rubber Sandal ©Prada

Chanel Sandal ©Chanel



  • Colorful design: sandals featuring various colors and patterns are making trend. Popular picks are bright and vibrant colors as well as eye-catching prints.

Chanel Cotton Tweed Sandals ©Chanel

Gucci Women_S Interlocking G Cut Out Slide Sandals ©Gucci


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