2023 ASD Show

2023 ASD Show

ASD General Merchandising Show is a large-scale exhibition and sale of various items held in Las Vegas, USA. The show showcases products from various fields such as fashion, beauty, health food, home appliances, furniture, sports goods, and automotive accessories.

ASD General Merchandising Show is a great opportunity to see various products from around the world in one place. The products showcased at the show are competitive in their respective fields, providing useful information for industry professionals and consumers alike.

The show is held twice a year in February and August, with various products such as beauty, accessories, and household goods being showcased according to the buying season. Domestic and overseas companies participate in the show with buyers from all over the world visiting to buy products.

Compared to the previous year’s shows, the K-beauty craze that was popular for a long time seems to have died down. Korean cosmetics had less of a presence at the show, and that gap was filled by Chinese companies, US collaboration companies, and wholesale companies.

The participating companies in the booths were not as diverse as before, and the beauty section had even less of a variety of brands than before.

This year, notable products were perfume products. Perfume distributors handling various brand perfumes, as well as custom perfume brands that seemed to have been seen at the Dubai show, attracted attention.

The number of major brands was significantly reduced, and that space was filled by small-scale brands and emerging companies.

Ethnic beauty also had a significant decrease in the number of participants compared to the previous show, and products for Black people, which previously had a place in the beauty sections of major retailers, were not seen at this year’s show. Various oils, shea butter products, and hair care products necessary for Black beauty were not seen from any participating company, making it a topic of interest for Black retail market trends in the SECOND half of the year.




TREND BY Bora Chung
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